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Ali & Roberto dress up for Halloween!

Ali and Roberto are...Mickey & Minnie Mouse for Halloween!


Wow, Ali looks adorable!  Can you believe she got Roberto to wear black tights?!  That is one secure man!  The happy couple says they are planning on taking some lucky kids trick-or-treating tonight.  She posted the picture and her plans on her Facebook fan page earlier today.


Last night, they reportedly hit up the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego for a Halloween party.  They wore the same costumes you see here. 


LATE BREAKING NEWS: Ali just posted this on her Facebook page: "I need help from all my San Diego friends! R & I have decided to move! ♥ our place (Jillian just designed it & made it look beautiful), but we live in an industrial neighbor and nothing is really within walking distance. We want to be in a fun SD neighborhood so we can meet new ppl & have a favorite coffee shop :) Being able to walk to good places to eat & fun dive/sports bars is a must! Suggestion?"


They are moving from their love nest so soon?  Strange, but hey, if that will make them happy, hopefully Jillian can help design their new place too!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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Aw, they look so cute! I want to know where he got those gloves, though...they're perfect!

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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