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September 2010


Brad Womack is 'The Bachelor'...AGAIN

Bradwomack How on earth could this be you ask?  I don't know.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to give Brad Womack, the man who picked no one on Season 11 of "The Bachelor", another chance. 

This might be a genius move.  Maybe this time he will be able to find someone to be happy with...or maybe not.  I for one will be kind of upset if he blows through another 25 women, breaking each of their hearts. 

I'm actually surprised that he would want to do this again.  Remember back in 2007 when he was one of the most hated men in America?  Even Ellen DeGeneres thought he was a royal jerk. 

Actually, he did the right thing.  If he was not in love with DeAnna or Jenni, it was a good thing he didn't string them along only to make it worse.  I'm just surprised out of those 25 beautiful and intelligent ladies, he couldn't find someone to at least date?  He didn't have to marry them right away!  Oh well. 

The new season of "The Bachelor" begins in January 2011.  Will you be watching?  Click comment below to share why or why not.

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


'Bachelor' announcement on Monday's 'Dancing with the Stars'

That's right!  Our agony will finally end and the rumor mill will stop...for just a short time.  This coming Monday, the next "Bachelor" will be announced on "Dancing with the Stars".  Right now, almost everyone is saying that it's going to be Brad Womack.  You remember him.  He was "The Bachelor" for Season 11 back in 2007.  He rejected all 25 women.  The final two were Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas.  Jenni got back together with an ex-boyfriend shortly after the end of the show, but DeAnna was heart broken for sometime.  Now, she's engaged to Stephen Stagliano.

So what do you think, if Brad is "the one" does he deserve a second chance at love?

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Rumors on the next 'Bachelor', plus take our poll!

There are rumors galore on who will be the next "Bachelor". The most recent is that Brad Womack will get another chance at love.


The question is: Does Brad deserve another chance at love on "The Bachelor"? We already saw him try and fail as "The Bachelor" once before. He was even considered one of the most hated men at that time. Brad says several women even threw drinks in his face! He broke DeAnna Pappas' heart, but she's moved on, and now it appears it is time for him to as well. So last time, he didn't pick anyone...what will make this time different. That's assuming this rumor is true. I kind of hope it isn't.

I'm sure there are several hot men out there who would love the chance to have 25 women fight over them. For one, I really wish Chris L. would do it, but he's apparently turned it down after thinking about it for a while. Maybe he'll have a change of heart. Other rumors included Ty and Craig R. I would like to see Craig as he is honestly looking for love. Ty is a little old-fashioned for my taste. Other options include a few of the guys we just watched on the "Bachelor Pad".

So who do you think should be the next "Bachelor"? Vote in our poll below!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


Bachelor Pad fun in the Hamptons!

Gia has organized a "Bachelor Pad/Bachelor/Bachelorette" reunion of sorts in the Hampton's this weekend.  So far, according to their twitter posts, Gia, Gwen, Ashleigh, Peyton, Chris L., and probably even some others are all hanging out together!  First up, a nice breakfast cooked, Chris L.  He really is the perfect guy!  Then, on the agenda this afternoon: apple picking!  It's a perfect day for it too, so nice and sunny, with just a hint of some crisp cool fall air.

Also, Natalie and Dave are still together!  Nearly 1 week and counting since the finale.  Natalie tweeted to dave that it was so much fun with him the past few days, and that she misses him! Aww!  Glad to see things are working out there.  I'm not sure where they were, but Natalie and Dave hung out with Kiptyn and Tenley also so that's nice that they have all been able to remain friends, despite missing out on a piece of that $250k prize on "Bachelor Pad"!

I hope to bring you much more tomorrow on that Hampton's get together!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Transcript of Interview with David Good and Natalie Getz

Here is the full transcript of the interview with "Bachelor Pad" winners David Good and Natalie Getz!


Question:    Natalie, my first question is for you.  Earlier in the competition you were voted most likely to be a bridesmaid yet you walked away with a relationship.  So what do you have to say to the other girls who came away single?  

Natalie Getz:    You know, honestly, at the time that hurt because I was sleep deprived and I have a lot of emotions in that game but I don't believe in that statement at all.  And I was not there to find love.  You know, initially, I was there for the money so I wasn't trying to show people my sensitive relationship side.  I was there for the game first and foremost.  


And the fact that Dave and I - you know what, it's not like we're in serous relationship but we definitely have a little bit more than a friendship going on.  And I think it's exciting that, you know, Natalie walked away with a prize money but with a - more with the relationship with Dave.  So they can bite me.  

Question:    Dave, when they - we're hesitating before Natalie revealed what she decided to do.  What was going through your head?  Did you think she was going to share the money or keep it for herself?

David Good:    Well, I thought going in there that she's definitely going to share the money because she's a stand-up girl and that's the way we played the game together.  

And when she said, "Can I say something?"  And the look at her face, my heart sunk and I thought I'm going to have to walk out of here or I'm going to tackle her on stage if she says "teeth".  So it was a - that was a real emotion right there.  I was really nervous for her.  

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Dave & Natalie Talk About Their Big Win

David Good and Natalie Getz say they are still "more than friends" and taking it day by day.


The "Bachelor Pad" winners took some time out the day after their $250,000 win to talk about their time on the show, and their relationship (which yes, still exists!)

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Dave AND Natalie win 'Bachelor Pad'!

The finale of "Bachelor Pad" begins with the dancing competition.  Each pair of contestants is paired up with a dancing with the stars pro!  Kiptyn is so sweet; his first concern is that he might let Tenley down, aww!  On the way to the dance studio, Elizabeth takes some time out to lecture Kovacs about keeping his attention on her and not on their dancing instructor, should it be a female instructor.  Sheesh! 



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'Bachelor Pad' Finale Previews!

The "Bachelor Pad" finale is nearly upon us! 

All of those nagging questions: Are Elizabeth and Kovacs together?  Will Gia and Wes get together?  Does Gia still have a boyfriend?  What is Michelle's deal? will be answered during the finale!

I'm not sure how much we will actually figure out about Michelle, but she does "throw down" with Tenley.  She calls her out for starting the rumor that she made out with Craig.  Watch the uncomfortable moment below.

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Bachelor Pad Finale, behind the scenes photos

Ashley Elmore was nice enough to share some photos with us from her facebook page of the big "Bachelor Pad" reunion finale!  I'm not sure why they have their pictures on giant paddles, but I'm sure that will be revealed Monday night.  These pictures are from behind the scenes of the "Bachelor Pad" finale and even a few, it appears, are from the after-party!


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Ali's new job, plus more 'Bachelor Pad' dancing!

Our girl Ali got herself a new job!  She wrote on her facebook page: "Really excited to be a part of the Fox 5 San Diego morning news team :) My first segment is this Monday at 9am."  There's no word yet on what she will be reporting on, but I'm guessing something entertainment based.  That's great!  Sounds like the job is right up her alley (Ali) haha. 


Meantime, here are so new photos of the "Bachelor Pad" final 6 in their ballroom dancing attire! 


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