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Full Interview Transcript with Bachelor Pad's Krisily Kennedy

Here is the complete transcript from the conference call interview with Krisily Kennedy!


QUESTION:     One of things that you said after you found out that you were the eliminated person was that not to trust anybody.  Who do you think it was that you trusted that you should not and would it have made a difference if you have done something different?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know in the end I don’t think it would have made a difference at all.  I did definitely have my faith in Dave Good a little bit.  Something that I guess didn’t see it.  Tim and I did kind of have a bond where each week we would talk about who we were voting for.  I know something that we did kind of together, just him and I each week, so I really trusted him.  I had been nervous of every single rose ceremony.  And that one I kind of felt pretty safe in and clearly I wasn’t and I was lied to and that I thought that was kind of a bummer because he was the one saying that I did have faith in the house.  But you’re right; I don’t think it would have changed anything unfortunately. 




QUESTION:     OK, well this game is so different than the actual Bachelor.  What do you think it’s going to take to win this game?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know this game is totally different.  And what’s funny is I’ve gotten like e-mails from so many people that had watched the first season and said, “God Krisily you’re so tame this season.”  But you have to be, it’s a totally different game.  The Bachelor, there’s one person that controls whether you go home.  The Bachelor Pad there’s 10 and then there’s all the girls whining to the boys that they don’t like the new girl so I mean it’s a totally different dynamic. 


        And you know I think, probably the person that I respected the most in the game and I think has played it the best was Peyton.  She kind of sat back and she made her friendships but she wasn’t too outspoken.  And I think that you kind of just, it changes everyday and I think that with the new group of people it will change again but I think that Peyton probably played it the best.  So I think that my mouth has definitely worked on me in trouble as usual.




Jennifer Matarese: Hi, so, are you still interested in Dave after what happened last night and what you’ve been seeing along as you watch the show?


Krisily Kennedy:    No, no, no, no.  Dave is a great day.  I definitely lost interest in Dave after seeing the fantasy suite with Natalie episode.  I will not lie.  I am all set with (sloppy seconds). 




Jennifer Matarese: So who do you think it will go seeing at the finale?


Krisily Kennedy:    I think it will go fine.  You know Dave’s definitely didn’t know how I felt.  So it will be interesting to see how he reacts.  But you know he’s a guy and he clearly made a choice of getting to know someone that he didn’t know or I guess I don’t really know how to say that nicely but I guess a sure thing.  You know he was a guy about it and that’s totally fine but he lost out. 




Jennifer Matarese: So you don’t think that relationship between the two of them will last very long then huh?


Krisily Kennedy:    I don’t.  I don’t think you know, I do like Natalie, she is a free-spirit and she doesn’t really care what people think which I think is great because I’m like that myself.  I just wouldn’t put myself in situations that she does.  So I don’t necessarily foresee that relationship being anything too long term.




QUESTION:        Hi Krisily, nice to talk to you today.  You say you don’t see Natalie and Dave lasting.  What about Tenley and Kiptyn?


Krisily Kennedy:    I definitely see Tenley and Kiptyn lasting.  You know, my feelings towards Kiptyn has changed a little bit after last night.  I’m not going to lie.  I used to really like him and now you know I don’t know how I feel.  You know I mean they’re kind of two peas in a pod.  They do get along really well, you saw the chemistry instantly between them and I do foresee them staying together.




QUESTION:        OK, and there seemed to be a lot of I guess subterfuge for lack of another word with you know guys trying to pretend they weren’t really you know with various girls and that.  I mean when you were in the house, did you see through that?


Krisily Kennedy:    Oh God, yes.  You know this show is so much harder for me.  My season was so much easier because I could just call people out and say how I felt and never have to worry about it because I knew at the end to the day the crowd will like that about me.  Whereas here it was like I couldn’t say anything because every time I said anything, Natalie would run back to the boys or someone would run back to the boys and it was constant.  We all knew that Tenley and Kiptyn were something, whether they knew it or not, we knew it. 


    We all knew about Elizabeth and Kovacs and Dave and Natalie we didn’t know so much about and so actually when I got sent home.  But I mean you definitely saw those relationships and unfortunately no one really had the courage to break them apart which was what we tried to do early on in the season.  And we clearly weren’t able to because people were too worried about hurting one’s feelings.  So the relationships were there.  And people that said they didn’t see it were crazy. 




QUESTION:        Hi Krisily.  I wanted to ask more about the survey.  We only heard a few of those answers but I’m wondering if you can tell us more about the questions and what you answered and if you talked to anyone else in the house about what they answered for some of the other questions.


Krisily Kennedy:    You know the questions were all pretty much, I mean they’re kind of demeaning.  You know they were all pretty much on the level of what you guys thought whether you know kind of going after things that you know people are self-conscious about or that you would never really say it somebody’s face, things like that.  They were hard. 


    We weren’t allowed to talk about the questions obviously until after the competition because we didn’t know what the questions were about.  And after the competition I didn’t really talk to many people about the competition.  I felt like it was something that people were all kind of talking about each other behind their backs.  I think it brought a lot to head.  I think a lot of people realized that day that this is a game and people were going to do and say what they had to.  But I also feel like, you know what, we signed up for it and you can get your feelings hurt by somebody saying something bad about you or you can realize that it’s a game and not sit and cry for two hours about it. 




QUESTION:        OK, and one other question.  Do you regret not kind of siding with Wes and being part of his movement because it seemed like that might have helped you more than backing Dave.


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I had joined that group the outsiders or however you want to call them and we fell apart and no one was strong enough to actually follow through with what they said so my strategy was to figure out who the majority vote was and go with them and figure out how to just save myself each week and each week was a new game for me.  And Kiptyn, and as you saw Kiptyn, Kovacs and Dave were the majority vote that last rose ceremony and unfortunately Kiptyn did not want, chose not to save me.  But it was kind of all in his hands because if it was a tie, I would have been saved by Jesse B. but it was kind of all on Kiptyn’s hands.  So unfortunately, me going with the majority did not help me at all. 




QUESTION:        And so apart from the kind of obvious Dave and Kiptyn and the voting from last night, was there anything that surprised you watching the show back, things that you saw or heard that maybe you weren’t aware off when you were at the house?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know obviously after my exit, when my, my final chance to say my peace with everyone, for Dave to say that I left him and I don’t remember his wording but basically it was like my exit wasn’t classy.  And that kind of surprised me a little bit.  I mean they all know me, and they all know that I am a woman of my word and I will say how I feel and not think twice about it.  So I don’t think having an opinion and giving it makes me not classy or whatever wording he used. 


    I think that was the most surprising thing for me was that statement.  I mean nothing else surprises me when I watch it back.  I know that everybody talks about each other behind their backs and of course no one said it to their faces so nothing too surprising except for that last Dave comment I think. 




QUESTON:     So you have no regrets about what you said whenever you left?


Krisily Kennedy:    Oh God not at all.  I do think it was taken a bit out of context.  I did not mean that I did not wish luck to anyone.  It was just what I mean was to show the group that the final four very well could be these four people and had we stuck to our word, God in episode two where Nikki voted – couldn’t vote for Kiptyn.  It would have been a totally different game and it would have been a much fairer game but unfortunately feelings got involved and I mean we’ve all watched shows like this before.  You can’t let feelings get involved or you don’t win.




QUESTION:        So you say those are the four that could be at the end.  Who would you want to win if you could chose anybody.


Krisily Kennedy:    If I could chose anyone in the house to win it would be Peyton.






Krisily Kennedy:    You know I think that she is a good genuine person.  I think that she’s played the game with nothing but respect.  She hasn’t kind of been shady or sneaky about anything.  And I just all around think that she is a really good person.  Like she’s someone that I will 100 percent be friends with outside of the house.




QUESTION:        I know you talked a little bit about the ending of the show.  Do you regret that like I guess you could call it an outburst at all and if you could go back to the elimination round, you know what would you do differently?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I don’t regret it.  We all were able to say something at the end of every rose ceremony.  Obviously mine was more towards the group as a whole so they definitely were going to show mine.  But every rose ceremony, people were able to talk.  And I don’t regret it at all because there were so many things I wanted to say to a lot of those people that I never got the chance to because I feared going home each week.  That – I don’t think anything that I said was that hurtful.  I think I was really honest.  I think that I stayed true to who I was.  And I don’t think there was anything that I could have changed.  I wish Dave had come to me and told me that they had changed their minds and then maybe I could have gone to Kiptyn kind of last ditch effort to have him keep me.  But you know I don’t think anything would have changed.




QUESTION:        And why did you believe Dave when he said you weren’t on the chopping block?


Krisily Kennedy:    Because he had been honest with me from week one.  We had kind of been able to sit and talk before every rose ceremony and he was always honest with me.  He would say to me, “Listen it’s going to come down to you and this person but I think you’re fine.”  And every week he was right.  So for him to come to me and say, “Hey listen you’re safe.  It’s between Elizabeth and Gwen and it’s not going to be you, you’re fine.”  For him to say that to me, I felt confident that he wasn’t lying and that he was being honest and I genuinely think that when he did come to me that that was that truth.  I just wish that he would have come to me before the end and said, “Hey listen, Kiptyn didn’t want to go with it.  It’s you” or something.  I mean he gave that benefit to Jesse and he didn’t give that benefit to me so that was kind of hurtful.




QUESTION:        (And truly).  And then you know at the end when he said that you embarrassed yourself like did that opinion affect you and why or why not?


Krisily Kennedy:    Not at all.  You know I’m a very outspoken person.  Anybody that watched my season is well aware of that.  I don’t think that I didn’t, I don’t think that I embarrassed myself.  I don’t think I didn’t look classy.  I think that I was honest.  I think that I was saying what everybody else was thinking besides who I believe the final four is.  You know I think that it was just me and that’s the way I am.  So if you don’t like me I’m totally OK with that.  I’m not going to please everybody.




QUESTION:        I love it.  And then last question.  Elizabeth and Kovacs, is that for (showmance) or do you think there’s really something there?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I think that they had dated a little bit before the show.  I think that coming into the house; they had no idea where they stood.  Clearly she tried to make him be her boyfriend and she used, you know she wasn’t dumb.  She used that relationship to benefit her and get further in the house and she did.  So I’m very curious to see what happens next week and who ends up in the final four because I think it’s going to be them but we’ll see.




QUESTION:        I just wanted to know, are there any other bachelors from previous seasons that you either would have hoped would be in the current Bachelor Pad or perhaps that you would like to join in the future Bachelor Pad?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I think anybody who’s ever watched the show’s favorite Bachelor was still Dr. Travis Stork.  And I know he’s a very busy man these days but boy would I have loved to see him in the Bachelor Pad.  I think he was the only one that I really would have been really excited to see.  He was kind of the only one that ruffled my feathers.




QUESTION:        OK, and then also what’s next for you?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I have not idea what’s next to me, next for me, excuse me.  This has been so much fun and I love the ABC Bachelor family.  They’ve been really great to me and I mean it’s definitely opening some doors.  I used to do a lot of hosting work back on the east coast.  I’d love to get back and start.  I’d love to do Dancing with the Stars, have they ever looked for me?  But you know I love being on TV.  I love people commenting on my life and I love kind of being that open book for people.  So I don’t know what’s next but I’m really excited to find out. 




Jennifer Matarese: I was wondering, going back to the survey results, do you agree with the answers that were given by everybody or do you think some people just had to put somebody down or how do you feel about it?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know I think when it comes down to it; you had a number of people to pick from in the house, you had to pick an answer.  You could not leave anything blank and I think like I think everyone kind of laughed when I voted for myself when they said most shallow.  I obviously don’t think that I’m the most shallow in the house, it was a majority vote.  But you had to pick who you thought everyone in the house would pick.  So and you know I knew that I wasn’t the favorite one in the house clearly I got the biggest enemy.  So I voted for myself because I thought that’s what everybody else would think.  I didn’t necessarily agree with the answers, I mean biggest enemy for me would have had to been Kiptyn you know.  I mean he was the one person that you, he was kind of the ring leader of the house that nobody kind of touched on that.  So I think that they voted on personal feelings maybe instead of actuality.  I don’t think anyone really realized as a group how you would look at things, not just girls that don’t like girls or boys that don’t like girls, you know. 




QUESTION:        So you didn’t necessarily think like someone said Elizabeth had the worst boob job or Gwen was the dumbest, you didn’t necessarily think those things were true or do you think they were true for the group?


Krisily Kennedy:    I think you know as a group if you have to pinpoint something you know you just pick someone you know that has a boob job.  You know what I mean?  There were many of them in the house.  It’s not like any of us hid them.  It’s just you had to pick for somebody.  And I think Elizabeth got chosen for that because she was so vocal how unhappy she was with hers.  So I don’t think anyone really thought that she had a bad boob job.  I think that everyone knew she felt she did so it was an easy topic to just kind of touch on. 


    Just like with Gwen, Gwen’s not a dumb person.  She just doesn’t, she didn’t open up or vocalize to us a lot of other things in the house the way everyone else did so she was perceived a certain way.  You know I think unfortunately when you have to say something bad about somebody it’s just the first person that pops into your head. 


    I was really surprised the Tenley won that competition though because for the person that cried before she even filled it out, she had every answer on point, which really surprised us all.




QUESTION:        Hi again Krisily.  I was just going to ask and this maybe ties in a bit to the previous question.  Some of the people the way we see them on TV, I mean you get impressions of them that aren’t particularly flattering and I’m thinking of Elizabeth.  I mean how did she come off to you and to the other women when you’re actually in the house with her?


Krisily Kennedy:    You know Elizabeth was kind of a tough person to gauge for me.  I couldn’t really tell if she was playing the game and playing that card with Jesse and being a little bit manipulative and being a little crazy about him.  Of course that was just her.  It’s kind of a tough gauge with her because I’ve, I mean I sat and talked with her in many occasions where she is completely normal and great. 


    I think that with Elizabeth it’s all a relationship issue.  Like I feel like Elizabeth outside of the house, outside of a boyfriend, is probably the coolest girl in the world.  And I think that when she gets into a relationship with someone, especially with someone like Kovacs who unfortunately isn’t really willing to be a boyfriend or say how he feels, I think kind of – something switches and she just gets a little bit manipulative.  But I don’t think that she was edited outside of who she was in the house. 


She really does tell it like it is, doesn't she?  Oh well, hopefully we'll be seeing more of Krisily in the future!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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