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Pucker Up! Bad Kissers Eliminated From 'Bachelor Pad'

Is it just me, or did this episode seem really, really long.  Wow, a lot happened this week!  I especially liked the recap where Chris Harrison says that last week "Gia made the biggest mistake of her life" when she chose to give Wes a rose instead of Craig.  Really?  That's the biggest mistake of her life? 


This week it begins right where we left of last week.  Gia tries desperately to put the blame on Nikki for voting Craig out and shifting the balance in the house to the "Insiders" and allowing the "Outsiders" to lose any chance of winning.  Basically, everyone agreed that Nikki wouldn't have even been in that position if Gia just would have stuck to what she said she was going to do and given the rose to Craig on the group date last week.  It was so funny, because the whole time they were arguing, Kiptyn was just looking on sheepishly.  Talk about awkward!




This week's competition is a kissing contest.  This was almost as gross as last week when the girls started barfing up pie.  There was so much spit swapped that just thinking about it makes me want to go and brush my teeth.  Gia starts to get all weepy because she has a boyfriend at home and doesn't want to cheat on him.  Still, she decides she wants to win the money and possibly a rose so that she can be safe this week.  I have no idea on how she expected to win when all she would do is give you a kiss like your grandma would. 


The girls go first.  Elizabeth walks out and says she is super excited to kiss all of the guys, except Jonathan.  Ouch.  Poor little weatherman.  He's so sweet and everyone just dogs on him.  Of course, she liked Kovacs kiss the best, big surprise there.  Next, Ashley decides to pull herself out of the competition because she teaches high school and doesn't want her students to lose respect for her.  I would think it would be more awkward knowing that your whole class of students has seen you in a bikini, but maybe that's just me.


Then, Tenley kisses Kiptyn.  It's their first kiss together, and of course, she loves it!  All of the girls in the house giggled at the fact that she likes Kiptyn.  It was like a slumber party in there! 


Gia all of a sudden freaks out, and says she is pulling herself out of the competition once she sees the girls start to kiss the guys.  She was offended that they were kissing them "like porn stars".  I didn't think it was pornographic.  It did come off a little skanky though.


When the weatherman had his turn of all the girls going up and kissing him, Natalie and Elizabeth really went at it!  Elizabeth however, decided to turn and spit on the grass following his kiss.  That must have made him feel really good as he watched this episode at home or with his friends and family.  Natalie was hilarious.  She said, "I would make out with everyone in the house for like $20".   I'm sure a lot of guys out there would love to see that Natalie.


In the end, it was Dave and Peyton that won!  Dave said he won because he had good kissing lips, and Peyton basically won because she was one of the only girls who could control her saliva.


Dave gets to take three girls on a group date to Las Vegas.  How exciting!  He picks Nikki, Krisily, and Natalie.  Natalie jumps up and down when she is picked and slobbers all over Dave who suddenly realized, this was a very good, (and easy) decision.


They ride in a limo to their private jet and fly to Vegas.  They have a great time hanging out and swimming in a pool.  Natalie takes off her top.  Somehow, Krisily thinks she has a shot with Dave, but we all know there is no way that's ever going to happen.  My favorite part is when they all have a group date in the pool, Natalie is still topless, and one of the other girls was like, seriously, you are hugging us with your boobs out? Nice.


Dave decides to give Natalie the rose and the other two girls head back to the house.  Dave and Natalie get cozy in their fantasy suite and come out of the whole situation a couple.  Their strategy is to keep it a secret.  It reminds me of "Full House" when Stephanie has a secret boyfriend.  Everything on this show seems to be reminiscent of elementary school here!


Back at the house, jealous abounds as Elizabeth and Tenley learn that Peyton has picked their two guys, Kovacs and Kiptyn to go on her group date.  Elizabeth plays it cool and says she doesn't care, but the guys in the house aren't buying it.  Tenley meantime, tries to sneak into bed with Kiptyn to snuggle with him before his date later that day, but he kicks her out of bed!  How humiliating!  She goes off to talk it out with her fellow ladies who try to console her.  Basically, Kiptyn pulled a Kovacs and wants to appear to be unattached.


Now it's time for Peyton's date.  She takes Kovacs, Kiptyn and Jesse on a date to a race track.  They zip around for a while and then she takes some time out to talk to each guy.  She seems to think Kovacs and Kiptyn are cute, but she's no home wrecker.  She decides to cozy up to Jesse B. whom she gives the rose to.


They also get a fantasy suite card and very shy, but that doesn't stop them from running off together.  COUPLE ALERT!  Looks like these two really like each other.  Jesse says, "Peyton would make a good wife someday."  Wow that's pretty serious!


Once Kovacs and Kiptyn head back to the house, Elizabeth is there waiting.  She is so "Fatal Attraction" with Kovacs!  He says, "Elizabeth has ruined everything for me."  He feels that way because no girl will ever give him a date rose.  She tells him that as long as he kisses her a** (her words, not mine) on elimination days, he will be fine.   Scary.


Meantime, Gia and Wes spend some quality time together.  He sings her his famous hit from Jillian's season, "Love Don't Come Easy".  Gia was swooning like a 7th grade girl over him!  She said, "He's like the modern day Shakespeare but better and cuter!"  Oh my goodness woman, get a hold of yourself!  They lie in bed together and snuggle after that. 


At this week's elimination, the guys are torn between voting out Elizabeth and Gia.  The girls, however, aren't really talking to each other much, and they end up voting out the weatherman. 




For the women, the votes are split evenly between Elizabeth and Gia, so Dave Good, because he won the competition out of the guys, casts the tie breaking vote.  He decides to keep Elizabeth and send Gia home.  Wes is really angry.  He had tried to push the guys into keeping Gia, but his tough-talking ways obviously didn't work.  As Gia leaves she tells Wes that she loves him.  I bet her boyfriend back home LOVED hearing that.  I also hear that they are no longer together.  Maybe Wes has a shot.


Next week, things get really mean in the house.  The contestants answer brutally honest questions about each other.  Feelings get hurt, and there will be plenty of tears. I'll post a more in depth preview later this week!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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