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Krisily: I Was Just Saying What Everyone Else Was Thinking

Krisily Kennedy was voted out of the "Bachelor Pad" last night along with Wes.  She took some time out to answer some questions about her time on the show today in a conference call interview.


When I asked her if she was still interested in Dave Good she said, “No, no, no! I lost interest in him when I saw him in the fantasy suite with Natalie.”

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Kovacs and Kiptyn Start to Treat Their Ladies Right!

It looks like some light bulbs finally went on over a couple of the guys' heads this week.  Kiptyn and Kovacs finally decided to stop playing it cool and treat their ladies right.  Meantime, Jesse B. could take some lessons from them!



This week the show begins right where we left off.  Wes is so upset about Gia getting voted off the show.  He's now in a hate/hate relationship with Dave.  Dave calls him a jackass and Wes is like, what's up with that?  Dave says, "What are you going to do about it?"  To Wes' credit, he just blows him off, even though he would really like to box him and beat him up in front of everyone.




Then, it's survey time!  The contestants take some time answering some very personal and potentially hurtful questions about each other. 

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Bachelor & Bachelorettes Raise Money for Cancer Research

Some "Bachelor", "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad" alums were out in New York City's Central Park today selling lemonade and taking donations for "Alex's Lemonade Stand".  The charity was started by 4-year-old Alex Scott back in 2000.  She started a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for all children with cancer.  Sadly she passed away in 2004.  Since she first started the stand, several celebrities and charities have taken up raising money by holding lemonade stands across the country to raise money in her name.  Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $30 million towards fulfilling Alex's dream of finding a cure.

Deanna 005

Former "Bachelorette" contestant Graham Bunn is part of an apparel company that sells tshirts to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities.  Graham formed 46NYC with his two college roommates Hal and John.  I had the chance to interview Graham, as well as former "Bachelorette" DeAnna Pappas, her fiance Steven Stagliano, Gia Allemand, and Craig Robinson.

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Peyton and Jesse B's Love Takes Flight

Check out these date preview photos of Peyton and Jesse B!  Apparently, the new happy couple gets a 1 on 1 date on the next "Bachelor Pad" at an aviation museum.  I'm so glad they are getting some alone time instead of just time together on the group dates.


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Survey Time for the Contestants on 'Bachelor Pad' & You!

On the next "Bachelor Pad" it's survey time for the contestants.  They have to answer some pretty personal and difficult questions about each other.  Big surprise, Tenley cries.

I can't wait to see how many people call out Elizabeth for being completely manipulative and mean in general.  I think they end up voting for her to have the worst boob job or something!

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Transcript from Conference Call with Gia and the Weatherman

As promised, here is the full transcript from yesterday's conference call with Gia and Jonathan "The Weatherman".  They have some pretty funny interactions at times, I hope you enjoy!



QUESTION: Gia, you knew you had a boyfriend going into this. Why did you still think you were going to be able to make alliances and stay on the show?

Gia Allemand: Well, you know I do have a boyfriend going into this. We had gotten back two weeks before and we've been on and off for three years. So I just went into it with - was trying to just be faithful to him and make friends and get close to everyone as much as I could and you know, I ended up getting closer to some people more so than others.

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New Interview with Gia and the Weatherman!

I spoke with Gia and Jonathan, AKA “The Weatherman”, about their time on “Bachelor Pad”.


When asked why she decided to go on the show with a boyfriend, Gia said that they had been on and off for three years, but she thought she could go on the show, make friends, and hopefully make some money. She didn’t anticipate having feelings for anyone in the house. Which obviously, as we saw last night, she did.

Gia said that she will not say whether or not she is still with her boyfriend, she’s going to wait until the finale to reveal that tidbit, although several gossip outlets are saying that they have broken up. She did comment that they didn’t have the best foundation with her going into the show so it probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

On giving the rose to Wes instead of Craig: While Gia admits she should have talked about that with the girls beforehand, she still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She seems dead set on thinking that it was the right thing to do to keep Wes safe. She says she never anticipated Craig getting voted out by the girls and never would have given Wes the rose had she thought that would have happened. She basically thought at the time that giving Wes the rose and letting the girls vote to keep Craig safe would be like a 2 for 1 deal.

Gia has not spoken to Wes since her time on the show though. She says she is planning on talking to him at the finale, but won’t say if she’s looking forward to it, or if there is anything romantic still lingering there.

Gia also thinks that Kiptyn, AKA the world’s nicest guy, is a big fat liar. She thinks he just goes around lying to people’s faces because he said to Peyton on the date that he didn’t have feelings for Tenley which was false. I think his fib was more about strategy and Gia taking her word back from Craig about the rose was the worse violation of trust in the house.


Meantime, Jonathan said that dealing with Craig M. in the house went far better than he expected. He wasn’t that mean to him, and he says Craig definitely put his better foot forward this time around. So they’re cool now.

On Elizabeth spitting after his kiss: He feels that she isn’t even a contestant in the house she is something in a demonic form. WOW. He hates her soooo much! I can’t say I blame him. Maybe they’ll make up at the finale?

He says he really doesn’t know why he got voted out because he feels he was a good ally to the girls. He said he had several of their backs and he thinks that by getting rid of him, they basically shot themselves in the foot. Jonathan said the only thing he would have done differently was been a little more aggressive and talked strategy before that last rose ceremony. He said people stayed pretty tight lipped after the one the week before.

Jonathan doesn’t think that there is any possibility of himself being the next bachelor, but says he would love to be. He said that he was so flattered that people would even ask him that. Aww, he is a sweetie! I want him to find love, don’t you?

In the meantime, Jonathan just moved to LA today! How exciting! He left his previous job as a weatherman and is doing standup. He says he still enjoys being a weatherman, but the news business is a tough business ( I hear you brother! ) and it’s very hard to get jobs, especially in LA. So he says we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow, I’ll post the full transcript of the interviews. There are some really funny interactions between these two, who say they plan on staying friends.

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Pucker Up! Bad Kissers Eliminated From 'Bachelor Pad'

Is it just me, or did this episode seem really, really long.  Wow, a lot happened this week!  I especially liked the recap where Chris Harrison says that last week "Gia made the biggest mistake of her life" when she chose to give Wes a rose instead of Craig.  Really?  That's the biggest mistake of her life? 


This week it begins right where we left of last week.  Gia tries desperately to put the blame on Nikki for voting Craig out and shifting the balance in the house to the "Insiders" and allowing the "Outsiders" to lose any chance of winning.  Basically, everyone agreed that Nikki wouldn't have even been in that position if Gia just would have stuck to what she said she was going to do and given the rose to Craig on the group date last week.  It was so funny, because the whole time they were arguing, Kiptyn was just looking on sheepishly.  Talk about awkward!



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Video previews of Monday's 'Bachelor Pad' Kissing Contest

Pucker up! 


It's time for the much-hyped kissing contest on "Bachelor Pad"!  Here are some previews of the big event.  First, it's Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft breaking the news to the contestants.

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Date Preview on 'Bachelor Pad'

Here's a preview of the group date on next Monday's "Bachelor Pad"!  Looks like Peyton wins a competition, and takes Jesse, Kovacs, and Kiptyn on a date at a race track.  Things look like they start to move pretty fast between Peyton and Jesse!


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