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Extremely Loud

It's often been said that time heals all wounds, but for so many of us memories of 9/11 remain so vivid, so "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close," that it's hard to imagine how the healing can ever be complete.

"I think it is still an open wound. It's a catastrophe that continues to ricochet around the world and we're all still dealing with it," Stephen Daldry, director of Extremely Loud, said.

Perhaps now is the time for a film to help us come to terms with what happened.

The tragedy is seen through the eyes of a remarkable boy played by Thomas Horn,  who's too young to remember the terrorist attacks,  but came to understand them  by making this movie.

"I got to meet people who had lost their relatives and that was very moving," he said.

Sandra Bullock knew friends of the lost and the actress witnessed.

What happened on 9/11 from her apartment in TriBeCa.

"As we were watching we didn't understand why is a human being falling? Why isn't somebody doing something? It's the magnitude you don't understand," Bullock said.

A decade later she is revisiting the tragedy for this new movie.

"We were given access to the phone messages left behind by those who were in the Towers and the amount of love and hope and care and support in an odd way to those that they knew they were leaving behind was mind blowing," she said.

Bullock plays a widow forced to raise her son alone after the death

Of his dad, played by Tom Hanks, who is seen in flashbacks and heard on voice messages as he comes to realize he is going to die.

The actress calls messages like gifts for those left behind.

"It just confirmed the level of humanity that does exist that is beautiful and profound and kind. You saw it that day in the city and you heard it in those voice mails, and your heart explodes," she said.

Some of the images from 9/11 remain so painful they have never been shown on television and seeing them however briefly on a big screen is going to be upsetting for many here. Whether or not you should go to see the film is a personal decision only you can make, but we can say the picture was made with honesty and integrity.


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