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April 2011


'Water for Elephants,' 'Bang Bang Club,' 'African Cats'



Elton John, Lindsay Lohan and Spider-Man



TriBeCa Film Festival opens



Sheen, Elton, Woody and DWTS



Spider-Man, Nick Cage, Water for Elephants, DWTS



'War Horse' hits Lincoln Center stage



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DWTS' latest elimination, Gotti film



Gotti: Three Generations

Howard Beach met Englewood and found common ground in Hollywood.  John Travolta will play John Gotti Junior's dad in a new movie about the "Dapper Don."

"I think this is the first movie that will ask the question is it worth it?" Travolta said at today's announcement in New York City.

The most famous made man of his generation didn't make movies, of  course. He was known for a different kind of hit, but John Gotti had a star's kind of charisma.

When asked if his dad was a Travolta fan and whether Travolta was a good fit to play him, Gotti Jr. said "Absolutely and absolutely."

After numerous acquittals and hung juries when serious felony charges just wouldn't stick, Gotti became known as the "Teflon" Don.  He was finally sent to prison for five murders in 1992 and died a decade later.

"It's revealing the truth of what kind of person it takes to tolerate that truth," Travolta said.

The film titled "Gotti: Three Generations" will focus on the relationship between the mob leader and his son, John Jr., who sold the rights to his family's story.

"He most certainly paid for his sins. He suffered and he paid for his sins like a man," Gotti Jr. said.

Gotti Jr. went to prison for crimes related to his dad's illegal activities, but now claims to have left that life. No word on who will play him, but Lindsay Lohan is said to be the personal choice of his sister, Victoria, to play her.

Even though Lohan attended today's announcement, no deal is done yet. First Lohan must stand trial for shoplifting in California.

The film movie will be filmed in the city come October for release late next year.

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