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Bachelorette, Rihanna Photos and Crashing a Lamborghini

Good morning!

The Bachelorette premiere is a hot search item this morning.  In a change of pace for the show, this season features a single mom in search of true love. 


The show opened with Emily and her 6-year-old girl Ricki at a park, riding the swings and feeding the geese.   "My ultimate goal in all of this is to meet somebody that I could marry and have children with and that could be that father figure in Ricki's life," Emily explained.   Well, she has a stable full of men at Casa Bachelorette including one who rode in using a skateboard and hanging on to the back of a limo.   And one actually used the pick-up line, "I'm a high school biology teacher, but I'm here to have chemistry with you."   With lines like that, no wonder reality TV is so popular.

Dancing With The Stars is also buzzing after Katherine Jenkins, a frequent leaderboard leader, suffered a back injury on the dance floor that could spell trouble for her chances at becoming the Dancing Queen.  

Katherine jenkins

The opera star had scored a 29 on her first routine when she took the floor for the salsa.  She looked uncomfortable for most of it, and then just as partner Mark Ballas supported her neck during a deep drop, she was unable to support herself any longer and the dance came to a sudden and shocking end.   Jenkins later took to Twitter to explain that she suffered a "reflectorical spasm" in her lower back.   Only three couples will remain after tonight's results show.  They will meet in next week's finals.

Also on the reality TV front, Swamp People cast member Mitchell Guist has died.   He fell aboard his boat on the Intracoastal Waterway in Louisiana.   No word on how Guist fell or the official cause of death.  He would have turned 49 on Friday.

The list of most popular baby names came out on Monday.   Sophia and Jacob topped the list, BUT the fastest rising names on the list deserve a little attention…  Briella is the fastest rising baby girl name, jumping 394 spots to No. 497.   Briella Calafiore stars in Jerseylicious, a reality TV show about a beauty salon in Green Brook, N.J.   What was I saying about reality TV being so popular?   Oh, and the fastest rising boy name is Brantley, jumping 416 spots to No. 320.  Brantly Gilbert is not a reality TV star (yet), but he did have a No. 1 country hit called Country Must Be Country Wide.

Rihanna apparently likes to show off her body.   She took to Facebook to share intimate behind the scenes photos of the making of her new music video, Where Have You Been.   The 24-year-old singer bares her breasts in the photos - and I thought nudity was banned on Facebook.  

(From Rihanna's Facebook fan page)

The photos have gone viral, and it’s not the first time Rihanna has gone naked viral.  Earlier this year, Rihanna shared photos and videos from a Hawaiian vacation where she flung off her bikini top before diving into the ocean.

An 8-year-old blind autistic boy has a viral video.  It shows Jacob enjoying some acoustic guitar by a musician in Lawrence, Kansas.  That's all there is to it, but the video is getting a lot of views.


Owning a $225,000 Lamborghini Gallardo is probably a really cool thing.  Racing through a turn on Chicago suburb street with it is not.


This 5-year-old might have a future as a thief.


This 3-year-old might have a future as a drummer.


And finally, why you should never drink and sit on a window awning.


That's the trend!

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