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Spot the Shuttle, Pippa Middleton and Tupac Shakur

Good morning!

It's a big day for NASA's oldest and most traveled shuttle.  Discovery began its new life as a museum relic Tuesday with one final takeoff on the back of a jumbo jet.  #SpotTheShuttle is a trending topic on Twitter as people are invited to tweet photos of the shuttle if they see it flying to Washington D.C.  This one is from NASA:


Discovery arrived around 10:00 a.m., doing a flyover of the monuments in the nation's capital before landing.  Discovery is the first of three retired space shuttles heading to a museum.   It will go on display at Dulles International Airport, replacing the Enterprise, which will eventually end up here in New York City.

(AP Photo)

Selena Godmez is also trending on Twitter thanks to fans of Selena Gomez, also known as Selenators. 

The Pulitzer Prize is also a hot topic this morning, and in particular the fact that no award was given in the fiction category.  That's the first time since 1977 and the ninth time in the history of the Prize that no fiction winner was award.

Also worth noting among the winners is Sara Ganim, a 24-year-old reporter for the Patriot-News in Harrisburg.  When she was fresh out of college and working as a crime reporter for the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pa., she started digging into rumors about child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky.   Ganim kept digging and digging even after she left to join the paper in Harrisburg.   After months of research, Ganim published her first article about the former Penn State University assistant football coach being investigated by a grand jury.  The story grew in importance over the next several months, ending with Sandusky indicted and legendary coach Joe Paterno fired.   For her efforts, Ganim was honored with the Pulitzer Prize for local news reporting.

Earth Day is rising in the search trends along with Jane Goodall.   Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, but two days before, the new Disney nature documentary Chimpanzee hits the big screen.  The movie tells the story of a chimp named Oscar and his family in the rain forests of Ivory Coast.   Goodall is helping to promote the film (her research institute will receive a portion of the first-week ticket sales).   She tells the Canadian Press wire service that she hopes the film will reach young people.  “I think actually what children are lacking is contact with  nature….We didn’t have these films when I was young… By and large there was no television and that certainly didn’t harm me. Films like this, yes, they’re great compared to the video games, which mostly are absolutely terrible.”  Chimpanzee opens Friday.


Pippa Middeton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, is all the rage after getting photographed as a passenger in a convertible while the driver aimed what looked like a semi-automatic pistol at a photographer in a vehicle behind them in Paris.  The Sun reports Pippa also attended a wild party complete with strippers and dwarfs hours early.   The party, according to The Sun, included kinky masks, bondage and a fire-eating woman who made sparks fly with a power tool. 

Five of the most viewed videos on YouTube are the Tupac Shakur hologram performance at Coachella.  This is one of them (note - lots of foul language).


The performance was the result of a four-month collaboration between Dr. Dre’s production company, James Cameron’s Digital Domain, and two hologram-imaging companies, AV Concepts and U.K.-based Musion Systems.   What's truly remarkable about this performance is it is not based on archival footage of him performing.  It was a completely original performance. At one point, Tupac even shouts “What the f— is up, Coachella!” even though the music festival didn’t exist until three years after his death.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Elvis and Michael Jackson, among others, performing from the great beyond in the future.  Check out this Businessweek article to learn more about how they did it. 

Peter Butterman has a viral video on YouTube in which he quits jobs that he does not actually have.


This one is not a prank, but it is trending.  A disgruntled chip lover makes his frustration known when he opens a bag of chips that begged the question where are the chips?


The soccer highlight of the day comes from Nkosi Burgess, who scores an incredible goal for Dix Hills “Heat” in a soccer game against Hauppauge “Brazil” at Dowling College (Brookhaven Campus) in Shirley, NY.


And finally, a three-year-old girl who is having a hard time cleaning up after herself.


That's the trend!

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