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Spring, Snookie and Sports


Tuesday marks the first day of spring, and thus, "Happy First Day of Spring" is the top trend on Twitter. There's nothing complicated or newsworthy associated with it, just that there are thousands if not millions of people tweeting "Happy First Day of Spring."

That being said, two main topics are dominating the search engines on this first day of spring - sports and the premiere of Dancing with the Stars. The number one Google search combines both, with Donald Driver taking the top spot. The Green Bay Packers wide receiver received mixed reviews over his first dance with partner Petra Murgatroyed. Their Cha Cha earned a standing ovation and prompted some bloggers to call Driver an early favorite, but the judges disagreed. The duo scored 21 points, prompting boos from the crowd.120319-otrc-dwts-wk1-driver-dancing-1

Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow are also high on the lists, as people wonder what happens to the controversial quarterback now that Manning is taking the reins in the Mile-High city. Contract negotiations between the team and the former MVP reportedly went on late into the night in the hopes that a press conference could be held Tuesday. John Elway will reportedly try and trade Tebow for anything he can get. Alex Smith and David Garrard are trending in relation to this deal, as the 49ers active pursuit of Manning could hurt their chances of re-signing Smith, who last year led the Niners to the NFC championship game. The Miami Dolphins signed Garrard after they too came up short in the Manning sweepstakes.

Jeremy Lin is the top search on Yahoo, as news comes out that the Knicks sensation has signed a huge deal with Volvo to endorse their cars, particularly in Asia. The Chinese-owned company said in statement Tuesday that Lin will participate in Volvo's worldwide corporate and marketing activities as a brand ambassador.

A YouTube video in which a young boy in a wheelchair gets an extensive airport search by the TSA is nearing 1 million views. The family of five was headed to Disney World, with grandparents in tow, when the agent held them up so he could check the chair and swab the 3-year-old boy's hands for explosives. The incident happened back in 2010, but the outraged father just posted the video earlier this week.


The MTV hit show Jersey Shore will be back for a sixth season, and expectant mom Snooki will be part of the action. MTV said Monday that production will begin this summer in Seaside Heights, and all of America's favorite housemates will return. MTV declined to offer specifics on how big a part Snooki will play in the show.

Another top trending video is a collaboration between the Guggenheim Museum and Improv Everywhere, in which a New York City subway car is transformed into a sleeper car. Confused straphangers have the option to take a nap on their trip between Astoria Boulevard and Manhattan. Some riders take the conductor up on his offer, complete with sleep mask.


Finally, Donny's got some moves. The 5-year-old tears up the dance floor and steals the show at Yosef and Hillary's wedding.


That's the Trend!


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