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Justin Bieber, Davy Jones and the Garbage Patch

Good morning and happy birthday Justin Bieber!

It's being proclaimed National Bieber Day on Twitter as the singer celebrates his 18th birthday today. 


Long before YouTube was around for musicians like Bieber to become overnight sensations, a tv show called The Monkees made four young musicians icons of an era.   The band was fronted by a singer named Davy Jones, a boyishly good-looking guy who made teenage girls swoon.  The Monkees had been created to cash in on the Beatles' popularity, the story of a struggling band that never achieved success.  But in real life, The Monkees became an overnight sensation, and the Rolling Stone's Encyclopedia of Rock 'n' Roll called them "the first and perhaps the best of the 60s and 70s prefabricated pop groups."   Just months after completing a Monkees 45th anniversary reunion tour, Davy Jones died on Wednesday of a heart attack.   Word of the 66-year-old's sudden death fast became the dominate topic for search and discussion online, and it's a trend that continued this morning with searches, tweets and people watching old Monkees videos on YouTube. 


Is she or isn't she?  That is the question that the world wants to know about Snooki.  

Yes, TMZ.com reports Snooki originally lied about being with child because she didn't want to jinx anything, but now that she has passed the three month mark, TMZ expects an official announcement any day now.  Snooki has been shooting hew new reality show in Jersey City and photographed wearing loose fitting clothing adding to the speculation of a future reality show called Snooki Plus One.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is getting bigger.   For those not in the know, the garbage patch is two huge floating landfills of junk floating in the Pacific - one between Hawaii and California and the other between Japan and Hawaii. 

(AP Photo/ Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Mario Aguilera)

Since the first discovery 30 years ago, the piles of junk have grown to a combined size of one million square miles - that's twice the size of Texas!   The patches are made of bits plastic and other garbage, which slowly breaks down into smaller pieces but doesn't completely disappear.   Makes you wonder what's in that canned tuna? And that doesn't include the debris from last year's Tsunami in Japan that sent 3,000 miles of homes, cars, furniture and other junk into the ocean.   At least some of that junk is expected to reach Hawaii this winter and the California coast between March 2013 and March 2014, officials from  the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. 

Lady Gaga is trying to make a difference in the world by launching the Born This Way Foundation.   Gaga and some friends including Oprah launched the empowerment organization during an appearance at Harvard on Wednesday.  In explaining the foundation, Gaga said “This is about changing the climate of the school environment and not putting the power in the hands of the teachers or the government. … I don’t believe they have the answers. I believe that you do.”   She also rolled out a Born to Be Brave bus, which is expected to make tour stops with the singer to help bring people together to help end violence. 

The new trailer is out for Marvel's Avengers and it's gone viral on YouTube.


From super heroes to the world's strongest kids, or so they claim.


This might be the craziest soccer goal that you ever see.  Haifa goalie Assaf Mendes took a goal kick, only to have some really strong wind blow it back toward him.


Finally, the cat that is an expert at the shell game.


That's the trend!

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