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Valentine's Day, Kate Upton and Angry Birds

Good morning!

Love is in the air and in the trends this morning as people search for chocolate-covered strawberries, free e-cards, flower delivery, hearts, and Valentine's Day cards.  People are also tweeting Valentines and Google even has an animated doodle celebrating love and romance.


Officially, Valentine's Day was holiday created to honor one or more Christian martyrs named Valentinus around 500 A.D.  According to one legend, Valentine was a priest who defied the Roman Emperor Claudius II by performing marriages after they had been outlawed.  The Emperor believed that single men made better soldiers.   When he discovered Valentine continued to marry young lovers in secret, Claudius ordered his execution.  There are other legends, but I like that one, so it's fact only for the purposes of today's blog.  It really wasn't until High Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer, the first poet buried in Westminster Abbey, that romance became linked to this day.   By the 15th Century, giving flowers, candy and Valentine's cards became part of the tradition.

Whatever history may be, hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Model Kate Upton is this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl.   The 19-year-old from Melourne, Florida appears wearing two strings… I mean, a two-toned, red string bikini.   

Senior editor M.J. Daly says Upton "embodies the sophistication and sexiness" that 70-million readers want.   Wait… We're supposed to read this issue?  Upton joins the ranks of Elle MacPherson, Tyra Banks, Brooklyn Decker and Kathy Ireland among many others who have graced the swimsuit issue.


Angry Birds, the most downloaded app in the universe, has landed on Facebook as of today.  No playing at work, but here the link for later: http://apps.facebook.com/angrybirds/

You might want to rethink those vacation plans on the island of Nevis, a paradise in the Caribbean.  Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and his wife got robbed by a machete wielding masked man inside their vacation home there recently.   The bandit got away with $1,000.   Neither the Breyers nor two friends staying with them were injured.   Breyer, 73, is a longtime visitor to the 36-square-mile island and he is frequently mentioned in travel articles about the area.  

Randy Moss used his 35th birthday as an opportunity to announce he wants to make a comeback. The former NFL star retired in August after compiling 14,858 receiving yards and 153 touchdowns in 13 seasons.  Too old?  Jerry Rice had three 1,000+ yard seasons after 35, but then again Jerry Rice was a rare bird.  I just wonder if this means Brett Favre will come out of retirement too.

Madison Square Garden has gone to the dogs, as it does every February.   The Westminster Dog Show opened on Monday.   


More than 2,000 dogs from 47 states compete in America's most prestigious and the world's most famous dog show.  Best in Breed awards will be given to 185 dogs, but only one special canine will win Best in Show.  The coveted award will be handed out late tonight.

A Giants fan trying to get a better view of the parade last week thought it would be a good idea to pretend to be Spiderman and scale the side of a building.   That was until (about 2:00 into the video) he takes a tumble.  Fortunately, only minor injuries.

New York Giants Fan 2 Story Fall During Super Bowl Parade from MediaNiche on Vimeo.

The trailer is out for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.   The thriller/horror movie based on the graphic novel by Sethe Grahame-Smith is produced by Tim Burton.  Benjamin Walker stars as the Great Emancipator turned ax-twirling vampire slayer.



A tribute in water and lights to Whitney Houston in Dubai has gone viral.  This is the viral daylight version: http://youtu.be/xBquqHc_WHo

This is the much better nighttime version:


The latest entry into the Sh** People Say series features people from Brooklyn.  (Note: Bad, bad language).


In honor of Westminster, a couple of dog videos worth noting oin YouTube.   In this one, it appears the dog is taking its owner for a walk.


And finally, a puppy gets angry and barks at the stairs that it is trying to conquer.


That's the trend!

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angry birds are very funny,.

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