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Natalie Wood, Tim Tebow and #ThankYouRegis


It is one of Hollywood's most alluring mysteries.   Actress Natalie Wood drowned in the waters off Southern California 30 years ago, but questions about her death have remained because she was deathly afraid of water. 


Now the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has reopened the case.   According to TMZ, a book sparked the renewed investigation.   "Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour" was written by Marti Rulli and Splendour Captain Dennis Davern write about the night Natalie drowned.  They say before Natalie disappeared from the boat, she was drinking and taking Quaaludes with her husband, Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken.   According to the book, Wagner became enraged when he saw Wood and Walken speaking, and smashed a wine bottle while yelling at Walken.  Walken then went to bed and the Wagners to their state room, but according to the Captain, he heard a loud argument, thumping sounds and eventually silence. When the Captain went to the deck, he says Wagner told him that Wood was missing.    He also says Wagner refused to let him alert the Coast Guard.   Through his rep, Wagner says he has not been contacted by investigators, but trusts that they will determine if the information "comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit from the 30 year anniversary of her tragic death."

The legend of Tim Tebow continues to grow, unfortunately at the expense of the Jets.   After a lousy performance for 54 minutes, Tebow led the Denver Broncos on a 95 yard drive and scored on a 20-yard run with just a minute to play.  Broncos 17 Jets 13. "I like winning, but I wish it wasn’t quite that stressful," he said after the game.   The Denver Post is comparing him to John Elway.  "Tebow went where Elway had gone before," wrote  Woody Paige, calling it this generation's sequel to The Drive, the legendary Elway-led  98-yard drive in 1987 in the AFC Championship game against Cleveland.

Other football news…. Rumors persist that former Florida coach Urban Meyer will be the next head coach at Ohio State University.  

From YouTube, a history of the sky is among the trending videos.  The folks the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco put a camera on the roof and captured an image of the sky every 10 seconds for a year.   This is the time lapse.


One of the most viewed videos is a robotic snake chasing a robotic spider.


An elaborate commercial for FedEx is the most viewed video in Canada.


A little girl has become a hot sensation because of her reaction to knocking a little car off a counter and breaking it.


And we end the week as we began with a cat video…


Finally, it's a big day for us at Channel 7 as we bid farewell to Regis Philbin, who co-hosts his final Live! with Kelly Ripa.    "Because most of the people my age are gone, long gone.  And I just thought this was probably a good time to go," Regis told Katie Couric in an interview last night.   He has been a staple on television for 50 years, logging nearly 17-thousand on the air. 


Even after the show ends this morning, Regis will remain part of the public eye, going on a book tour for his just-released memoir and appearing at a series of nightclubs this winter.  Still, mornings and television will never be the same.  It may be the last item in this blog today, but it should be the biggest trend of the day -


That's the trend!

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