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#HappyBirthdayPinkFriday, Rich Rodriguez and what kids can do with flour


If you noticed the hot trend on Twitter this morning, you might be wondering why people are tweeting #HappyBirthdayPinkFriday.   Is it Pink's birthday on Friday?  Are we wishing it early?  Are we wearing pink on Friday?  Is Black Friday going pink this year?  All those questions are irrelevant because today (November 22nd) marks the first anniversary of Nicki Minaj's debut album "Pink Friday."  She responded to the trending tweet with a simple, "U guys r so sweet."

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, who was fired after the 2010 season, will be introduced as Arizona's new coach today, making him a trending topic. Former Michigan and West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez is the new football coach at Arizona.   The Wildcats have been mired in mediocrity for a really long time.    The last time they had eight wins in a season was 1998.  They've never been to a Rose Bowl.

Ali Fedotowsky, star of ABC's The Bachelorette, has split from her fiancé Roberto Martinez, who she met on the reality show's sixth season.  


It's the second strike out for Fedotowsky.  She appeared as a contestant on season 14 of The Bachelor, where she ultimately walked away from bachelor Jake Pavelka.  Of course, that raises the question whether she will make a third appearance on the show.  After all, three times is a charm.

Rhodium is trending.   Why?  Because of a mention on a popular tv show.  People apparently want to know what the heck is rhodium?   Rhodium is a rare metal, even more rare than gold. Last year, 114 ounces of gold were mined for every ounce of rhodium, according to Deutsche Bank.  Still, it's worth less than gold.  Not a lot of people are looking to buy a rhodium ring for their significant others, I guess.  It is mostly used for automotive catalysts, but the demand for cars is down so the value of rhodium is way down from its $10,000 an ounce peak in 2008. 

A construction project in Chile has revealed something remarkable - a massive graveyard of whale bones, more than a half-mile from the ocean.  More than 80 whales, 25 complete skeletons, were found. 

(AP Photo/Museo Paleontologico de Caldera)

The area is one of the driest deserts in the world now, but millions of years ago scientists theorize it might have been a lagoon where the whales got trapped… or perhaps a giant wave washed the whales onto shore.    Whatever the case, it's a paleontologist's dream discovery.   The finding has also prompted a discussion on social media about creationism vs. evolution.   Some say it's evidence of the biblical account of the flood.

More of the Thanksgiving menu is trending as we get closer to the big meal.   How to cook a turkey and recipes for green bean casserole, sweet potato and pecan pie are popular searches.  You can easily find those recipes, but here's a bit of history for you.   Green bean casserole was born in New Jersey thanks to a woman named Dorcas Reilly.  Reilly was in charge of the Campbell Soup Co. test kitchen in 1955 when the recipe was created.   She wanted to create a quick and easy recipe using two things Americans always had on hand - green beans and Campbell's Mushroom soup (Cream of Mushroom soup ranks as one of the six fastest moving items in the entire dry grocery category believe it or not).   She called it Green Bean Bake back then.  It required only a short list of ingredients (just five), ten minutes to prepare and can be customized to fit your taste (Here's the official recipe).  Her simple recipe became an American classic, so much so that Reilly earned a spot in the National Inventors Hall of Fame, right next to Thomas Edison's lightbulb.

College hoops is keeping basketball fans entertained.  A trending video features Grinnell College (IA) guard Griffin Lentsch scoring a NCAA Division III record 89 points on Saturday.


A race fan is trending because he wanted to get the perfect picture.   Fortunately, he’s only trending for being stupid, not for getting run over. 


We spotted this video trending last night, and if you ever wondered what two little kids could do with a bag of flour… well, after you watch the video, you'll wonder how did their mom ever keep her cool.


A man in London was not so calm when his Labrador went chasing after some deer in a park.


Nothing like going for a run with the dog.

That's the trend!

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