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Scott Hall, Andy Kaufman and the Lytro camera



Scott Hall is one of the hot topics this morning after ESPN's profile on E:60.   He was once one of the most familiar names in wrestling, Razor Ramon.    Hall became consumed by his wrestling persona, and abused cocaine, alcohol, and prescription medications.   The result - He lost his family, his career and his health.    He battles seizures and a heart condition.  He's been to rehab ten times.   It's a heartbreaking story.  You can watch it by clicking here.

I noticed Andy Kaufman in the trends.   Andy was one of my favorite comedians growing up.   His Elvis impersonation and his performance as Tony Clifton on the Dinah Shore Show are still alive and well in my memory bank.  


Kaufman died at a very young age from cancer, but a new documentary questions whether he really died, which is apparently part of the reason why he is trending.   I have not seen The Death of Andy Kaufman, but the critics who have seen it say director Christopher Maloney doesn’t add much to the public record, offering no substantial evidence that the comedian has been playing a practical joke on the world for some 25 years.  Kaufman also comes up in a story about a possible re-make of Larry Cohen's "God Told Me To" - the comedian made his big screen debut in that picture.

#Gaddahi has jumped to the top of the Twitter topics after reports that the ousted Libyan leader was killed after Libyan fighters captured his hometown of Sirte.

Zanesville, Ohio is still trending after Wednesday's wild animal escapade in which dozens of animals roamed into nearby neighborhoods after being set free by their owner.  A total of 49 wild animals were gunned down by police with pistols and high-powered rifles.  Residents of the town of 25,000 were told to stay indoors during the ordeal.  

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

The incident has led to new calls for tightening Ohio's very liberal laws on exotic animal ownership.  The Columbus Zoo is caring for the animals that survived, including a young grizzly bear, two monkeys and three leopards.

The World Series opened last night in St. Louis and the red hot red birds continued to mystify with a 3-2 win over the Rangers.   Chris Carpenter held the Texas bats in check, but the Cardinals bullpen really came through again in the final three innings.   This is the same bullpen that imploded against the Mets and gave up 6 runs in the ninth a few weeks ago.   Since then, it's been lights out for virtually every opponent who falls behind to this team.

Lytro Cameras could become a hot trend in 2012.   The company introduced its much hyped and odd looking light field camera that promise to let you snap a picture and refocus it later on your computer or the camera's touchscreen.  

It's pretty cool technology.   You can experiment with some of the pictures on the Lytro website here. However, the software is currently only compatible with Mac computers running OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard or higher.  And it's pricey, starting at $400 for the low end model.  You can pre-order now for delivery in 2012.

From YouTube, a dirt bike rider built a private track and two girls decide to walk their dog on it while he was riding.  He hit one of the girls, and she escaped with just a broken collarbone and a torn ACL.  Yikes!


This kayaker had some unexpected partners when some blue whales surfaced right next to him.



These parents got the surprise of their life when they tried to surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World.


That's The Trend!

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