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Occupy Oakland, First Snow and Nicki Minaj costumes


Occupy Oakland is the latest of the Occupy Wall Street protests to hit the top of the trends.  Police arrested more than 100 people during a night of clashes with the protesters on the streets of downtown Oakland. 


Oakland Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan defended the tactics used to clear the protesters, including the use of tear gas when officers raided the encampment.  He said the use of gas was necessary to stop the crowd and people from pelting officers with bottles and rocks.  Our sister station, KGO-TV, has continuing coverage (click here).

Just two days ago, the Colorado capital saw 80 degrees, an Oct. 24 record for Denver, and today they will be digging out from 6 to 12 inches of snow from the first storm of the season and winter is still two months away.   That's good news because it's going to warm up again and melt away what's fallen pretty quickly.  The bad news is some of that winter-like weather is headed in our direction.

The value of Amazon was melting in after-hours trading after the company reported third quarter profits plunged 73 percent and warned of a possible operating loss in the fourth quarter.   That sounds bad, but revenue is still pouring into the company at a pretty good clip.   The problem is Amazon is investing aggressively in distribution and digital offerings like the new Kindle Fire, so operating expenses are exceeding revenue growth.

Terrell Owens is looking for work.   The NFL Network aired his workout on Tuesday, as the former star receiver hopes to catch on with a team despite being 37, coming off knee surgery for a torn ACL and squandering a lot of good will.   Owens thinks he's still got it.   His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, agrees.  Unfortunately, when the only workout that you can get is on a cable tv network, you probably don't have much shot at playing in the NFL.

Tommy John surgery is trending because Red Sox pitcher John Lackey must have it, and he'll be missing the 2012 season.  That was the first big announcement for new Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington.

Andy Rooney, who delivered his last essay on "60 Minutes" three weeks ago, has developed serious complications following surgery.  CBS said the 92-year-old writer's condition was stable and, at the request of his family, offered no other information about his medical problems or where he was being treated.

Seems like a lot of Nicki Minaj wannabes will be roaming the streets for Halloween.  

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

The rapper, who hails from Queens, is the most popular search for Halloween costumes on Google.   There are even YouTube tutorials and a website (nickiminajcostume.com) with tips on how to look like her. 


Other hot searches include Charlie Sheen, Playboy Bunny, Black Swan and Angry Birds.

Another Halloween light show is a hot hit on YouTube.  This one is out of Odessa, Texas.


A high school highlight from Florida is trending.  Belen Jesuit Prep won a game on a "free kick" (an obscure rule which allows a team who fair catches a punt to try a free kick from that spot for 3 points.)  The kick happens about 2:00 into the video.


My kids do this next one at home, only they use the sofa. 


 A snoring bulldog tickled the funny bone of a 6-month old baby.


That's the trend!

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