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Libya, Bora Bora and lots of viral videos


Libya is a hot trending topic this morning after rebels claimed to be in control of most of the capital of Tripoli on Monday.  They advanced over the weekend, and the fall of Moammar Gadhafi's nearly 42-year regime seems likely.  Scattered battles continue in the capital and Gadhafi's whereabouts remain a mystery. 

The events in Tripoli also hot on YouTube with numerous raw videos being uploaded from the scene.



With HP getting out of the computer business, the company dropped the price of its Tablets to $99 for the 16GB, creating a mad rush at retailers and online.  They've been selling out rapidly.

Bora Bora became a hot destination overnight as the rest of America tries keeping up with the Kardashians.  In this week's episode, the family went on a trip to Bora Bora and they meet Kim’s boyfriend Kris (who is now her hubby… their weekend wedding continues to be a hot topic on Twitter).

Speaking of the Kardashian wedding, a must see video is the kid who stole the spotlight during a CNN report on the wedding over the weekend.


Diddy's newest signee Machine Gun Kelly is making news after getting arrested for disorderly conduct after a planned flash mob got way out of hand in Ohio over the week.  The video is all over YouTube.


On to sports, where the U.S. Open is a week away, but tennis fans are already making it trend…. And Football is still in pre-season, but fans are already fired up.  A fight between a Chiefs fan and three Ravens fans is among the most viewed in New York City.


The play of the weekend comes from the minors where Logan Schafer, centerfielder for Nashville (Brewers Triple A team), had a ball bounce off his head and into a triple play against Omaha.


Another trending video is a remote controlled pick-up on a beach.  Yes, a little pick-up truck rides around a California beach and attempts to pick-up a girl.


Then a dad shows the world what happens when his four-year-old sleeps in…


And finally, the trending animal video of the weekend is an orangutan toweling off at a zoo in Japan.


That's the trend!

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