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Gabby hits the House, Ashley picks JP and the Biebs goes coning


Gabrielle Giffords is the hot trending topic on Google today after she made a surprising and emotional return to the House floor Monday night to vote on the bill to raise the debt ceiling just minutes before it ended. She received a rousing round of applause and seemed to quell some of the partisan bickering that has plagued Washington over the last several weeks.

Lots going on in the entertainment world, led by Ashley Hebert picking Long Island's own J.P. Rosenbaum on the finale of the Bachelorette. The seemingly happy couple is engaged and planning a move to New York City. Jennifer Lopez is also making headlines after telling Vanity Fair magazine that she's still optimistic about love, despite her recent breakup with husband Marc Anthony.

One of the more bizarre videos making the rounds is Justin Bieber joining in on the "coning" craze. He and his friends record a video of him ordering an ice cream cone at a fast-food restaurant and then grabbing it from the drive-thru window clerk by the ice cream and not the cone. He then attempts to return a Frosty he bought at Wendy's to a confused Burger King worker.


Helen Mirren is hot on the list after she beat out J-Lo, Pippa Middleton and Kelly Brook, among others, in being named "Body of the Year." The 66-year-old Mirren took the top spot in the poll, voted on by 2,000 members of LA Fitness.

iCloud is also trending after Apple launched the program, but only for developers. iCloud is a new way to store all your music, photos, apps, calendars and documents and push them all to your devices wirelessly.

Marissa Miller is also making news after the supermodel appeared on Conan O'Brien and paddled the talk show host after showing off her fancy shoes.


Kings of Leon are also in the headlines after the rock band canceled their entire U.S. Tour because frontman Caleb Followill is battling "vocal issues and exhaustion."

Finally, there's another video going viral on YouTube of a Tennessee couple who got quite a surprise while they were driving down the highway. A snake slithers out onto their windshield from under the hood, crawls across to the driver's side mirror and then falls onto the highway.


That's the trend! 


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