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Scandal at Ohio State and Will Smith is not dead


Good afternoon,

Sports Illustrated has jumped to the top of the trends this afternoon by releasing its investigation into former Ohio State Jim Tressel.   According to the magazine,  the wrongdoing by Tressel went back eight years.

(June 6, 2011 cover of Sports Illustrated)

"Sports Illustrated alerted Ohio State officials that the wrongdoing by Tressel's players was far more widespread than had been reported. SI learned that the memorabilia-for-tattoos violations actually stretched back to 2002, Tressel's second season at Ohio State, and involved at least 28 players -- 22 more than the university has acknowledged. Those numbers include, beyond the six suspended players, an additional nine current players as well as nine former players whose alleged wrongdoing might fall within the NCAA's four-year statute of limitations on violations."

The magazine also alleges that wrongdoing by Tressel dates back to his years at Youngstown State.

Meanwhile, actor Will Smith did not fall to his death from a cliff in New Zealand.   Word of his demise came from and spread rapidly on Twitter and then on Google.   Will Smith is alive and well, and still working on Men In Black 3. 


The cliff in question is the Kauri Cliffs, which has also claimed George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Jeff Goldblum in past hoaxes.  And Kauri Cliffs is actually a five-star resort.   I guess if you are going to take a fake plunge, that's the way to go.

E-Coli is making news because of a deadly outbreak in Europe related to cucumbers. The source is believed to be organic cucumbers from two sites in southern Spain, the salad growing capital of Europe.   The outbreak has claimed 16 lives and made more than one thousand ill in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Two new videos trending this afternoon include a world record jump by Hot Wheels.  Not the toy, but a real Hot Wheel on a giant orange track at the Indy 500 over the weekend.  

A gambling cat is also surging in the top ten, but this gambling cat is not the real deal.  It's a copy of the original video uploaded a couple of months ago.  The original below has 27,000 views, but the new one has more than 135,000 since being uploaded on Monday.

That's the trend!

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Reality TV and animal kingdom

Good morning!

The new season of reality show Single Ladies premiered last night on VH1, and it's all over the trends on Google and Twitter this morning.   There have been rumors that LisaRaye and Stacey Dash have not been getting along… even reports of hair pulling and Stacey storming off the set,  which is helping to fuel the interest.    In McCoy, in a recent interview, said it was all greatly exaggerated.

"I normally don't like to address rumors, but I think it was so unfair to both of us the way they took that story and dragged it out," McCoy said. "There was no physical altercation or some beef that people were trying to fabricate. It was us being together for the last 4 or 5 months filming every day for 15 to 16 hours a day."

Another reality show trending high is Basketball Wives, which returned for season 3 last night.   I didn't see it, but according to the reviews, the opener was a train wreck with "verbal jabs, angry threats, and cat fights, all taking place within the backdrop of lavish condos and expensive dinner rendezvous."

A scary video about the dangers of texting while driving is rising on YouTube.  A driver was rolling a camera (not sure that's a good thing to do while driving either, but anyway….) as the driver in front of him was swerving all over the road and eventually crashes.   The blogger says the driver was a teen who was texting.  There's a bit of cursing in the video, but it's worth watching.

Around the country, a hot story in Chicago is a story about a man killed trying to help ducks cross a busy highway….  From WPVI, an alligator captured in Monocacy Creek in Bethelehem , Pa. is among the most shared stories…. while photos of an unusual looking crab found on Memorial Day in Absecon, New Jersey are also red hot.


Also worth mentioning, an Eyewitness News viewer shared video and pictures of a gray seal that came ashore in Gilgo Beach in Babylon over the holiday weekend.  The six-foot adult male gray seal first showed up Sunday, and it was still there on Monday, according to reports, before heading back out to sea.   Everyone deserves a weekend on the beach, I suppose.

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday!

That's the trend!



Sean Kingston, Bigfoot and a triple flip on a bicycle

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Memorial Day is the big trend this morning as people look for information on everything from events to remember those who sacrificed for our country to recipes for the outdoor barbeque!  I would like a burger with the works, please.

Another big trend this morning is Sean Kingston after a terrible accident in Miami.  The rapper was reported in critical condition after crashing into a bridge while riding a jet ski. According to ABC affiliate Local 10, the singer and a female passenger apparently lost control of the watercraft and crashed at the bridge connecting Palm Island to the MacArthur Causeway near Miami Beach. Kingston rose to fame with his 2007 hit "Beautiful Girls" and was also featured on songs by artists including Justin Bieber.

Sarah Palin is also a hot topic after climbing onto a Harley on Sunday to launch what looks like a presidential run.

The trailer for David Fincher’s hotly anticipated remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has been leaked online, and it's among the most popular videos on YouTube.

There's also a really bad video of Bigfoot making the rounds. A Spokane, Washington woman claims to have accidentally caught Bigfoot on camera while hiking in the woods. 

Searches are up for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who tied the knot with Candice Crawford on Saturday night in Dallas.

The momma cat hugs kitten video from last week has doubled in views since Friday, now approaching 14 million, but the most popular video of the weekend is a triple flip bike flip.  Don't try this at home, kids.

That's the trend!


Enjoy your holiday,




TGIF: Memorial Day, Gaga, Justin and Selena


Everyone's in the summer holiday and musical mood it seems as Memorial Day, Lady Gaga and Justin and Selena top the trends on Google this morning.  

Memorial Day is the hot search on Google as people search for events coming up this weekend, while searches on Yahoo! for “grilling recipes” are up 40%, “gas grills” are up 120% and searches for “outdoor rugs”, “outdoor furniture” and “DIY backyards” are all spiking.

Also worth noting, today is "Don’t Fry Day," a time when skin health experts remind folks to protect themselves from skin cancer. Here’s a good sign, searches on Yahoo! for "sunscreen" are spiking 339% this week. Searches are also off the charts this week on Yahoo! for “sunscreen reviews,” “sunscreens to avoid,” and “skin cancer symptoms.”

The NBA finals schedule is also a hot topic.  The Miami Heat will meet the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the series on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 7.

The Lady Gaga concert on GMA was red hot this morning and remains hot on Twitter (#bornthisgma).   We have lots of photos from the show here:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are also buzzing after a photo of them kissing on the beach turned up on Tumblr.

Some great videos trending on Twitter this morning include a World Record Lip Dub by the residents of Grand Rapids....


Also trending... a bizarre pole dance on the L train and a bicyclist getting hit by a car ( lands on his feet - he's okay).   The hottest video, though, is a momma cat hugging her kitten.  It's been viewed, tweeted and retweeted more than 700,000 times since being uploaded yesterday.

That's the trend!

Make it a great and safe holiday weekend, and take time to remember those who sacrificed for us.



The Trend for Thursday


Tiki Barber, Jonathan Lipnicki and what are you listening to?

Former Giants star Tiki Barber is trending on Twitter faster than he can run after comparing himself to holocaust victim Anne Frank.  In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he talked about moving with his girlfriend Traci Johnson into the house of his agent, Mark Lepselter. He said they were hiding out in his attic.  "Lep's Jewish," says Barber, "and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing."  Barber made news last year after splitting with his wife, Ginny, while she was pregnant with twins.

Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham is hot on Google after liberal talker Ed Schultz called her “a right-wing slut” during a radio broadcast.  MSNBC suspended Schultz, who has apologized, for a week.

How would you like to get rid of your wallet?  Google Wallet is coming soon! The company announced plans for an app that will make your phone your wallet. You’ll be able to tap, pay and save using your phone.  It's being field tested now.   Google says it "is a key part of our ongoing effort to improve shopping for both businesses and consumers."

Danica Patrick is making headlines because of reports she plans to run NASCAR full-time next year.  ESPN reports Tony Stewart would be interested in signing Patrick if she makes the move.

Jonathan Lipnicki – remember him?  The cute kid from Jerry Maguire.  He’s all grown up now, filing restraining orders and trending on Yahoo!  


He apparently went to court to get the order against 20-year-old actress Amber Watson, who he previously dated. Lipnicki alleges that Watson came to his apartment while he was sleeping, pinned him to his bed and “threatened to annihilate” him. A judge granted order last week, requiring Watson to remain at least 100 yards away from Lipnicki and his dog.  Remember, “bees and dogs can smell fear.” (Watch Jerry Maguire again)

Finally, from YouTube comes a trending video from Ty Cullen who went around Manhattan asking people wearing headphones what they were listening to.  Cool idea.

That’s the trend!

Have a great rest of today,


Tom Jones, Tony Bennett and DSK's TriBeCa pad

Good morning!

Who won American Idol?  Tom Jones and Tony Bennett!  That's right, the 70-year-old and 85-year-old singers are topping the trends this morning after their performances on American Idol last night.  Scott McCreery, who actually won, is trending on Twitter.

Another singer in the news is Sarah McLachlan, who is generating a buzz by appearing on South Park.

Everyone wants to know where former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has moved with searches for TriBeCa trending high.    Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of raping a hotel maid in Manhattan, moved into a stately red brick town home that rents for $50,000 a month or, for those looking to settle, is on the market for $13,995,000.   Guess no open house this weekend, but we found the pictures here!

KGO has a couple stories trending in the San Francisco area.  First, a few tornadoes touched down - an unusual occurrence there.  And  If you've been having a tough time with allergies this spring, a new study suggests that global climate change is making allergies even worse than usual.  Allergies and asthma effect as many as 50 million Americans and a new report says that as the CO2 levels go up, so too does the number of allergy sufferers.

In Chicago today, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is expected to testify at his retrial on charges that he tried to leverage his office for personal gain.  That's most popular story on WLS' website.

A school district in New Jersey may soon ban homework on weekends.  Not surprising, that's among the most popular stories on WPVI's website.  The superintendent of Galloway Township Schools says, too often, too much homework or assignments not directly related to what kids are learning is causing problems for families over the weekend as they try to juggle that along with all the other activities and demands.

From YouTube, an ABC News clip from What Would You Do? about gay parents being bashed is among the most shared videos of the day.


The most popular video continues to be an incredible soccer shot by 13-year-old Kenner Galeas. Galeas plays for the Civitans Bengals, a U-14 team in Arlington, Virginia.  If you missed our post last night, here's a replay:


The goal was scored Sunday afternoon in a game at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington.  I see the World Cup in this player's future!



That's the trend!

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Mike Brown, Kris Humphries and other names of the day

Mike Brown became the name of the day across the web as rumors circulated that he would become the new head coach of the Lakers. ESPN confirmed late Wednesday that the Lakers and Brown did reach a deal and he would succeed Phil Jackson. Brown guided Lebron James and Cleveland to the NBA Playoffs in 2009 and 2010, but those top seeded teams fell short of the NBA Finals.

Speaking of the NBA, Kris Humphries began buzzing with word that he and Kim Kardashian are engaged. She confirmed it on her Twitter account around noon today. Reports say it's quite an engagement ring, worth about $2 million! On Yahoo!, men search the most for Kim and women search the most for Kris. Compare searches for the love birds here:

John Edwards jumped into the trend as ABC News and others reported the United States Department of Justice has green-lighted the prosecution of the former presidential candidate for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up an extra-marital affair. A source close to the case said Edwards is aware that the government intends to seek an indictment and that the former senator from North Carolina is now considering his limited options. He could accept a plea bargain with prosecutors or face a potentially costly trial.

Elizabeth Smart has been rising in the trend as she prepared to publicly speak to Brian David Mitchell, the man who kidnapped, raped and imprisoned her, during his sentencing hearing in a Salt Lake City courtroom.  A federal judge sentenced him to life in prison.

Although the Vancouver Canucks are off to the Stanley Cup, it seems more people may have been rooting for the San Jose Sharks who came away with 114% more searches this week (and 198% more this month) than the Canucks on Yahoo!. Compare searches between the two teams:

Not only did Hines Ward win the DWTS mirror ball trophy, but he is the top spiking sports-related search today on Yahoo!. Searches for him are up 995% today and people are most interested in his marital status, relationship with Kym Johnson, and his crying incident.

Finally, from the Washington Post comes the soccer highlight of the day. According to the newspaper, the scorer, trotting nonchalantly up the field after scoring while upside down in mid-air, is 13-year-old Kenner Galeas. The goal was scored Sunday afternoon in a game at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington.

That's the trend! 

Make it a great night,


Season finales, tornado terror and the greatest valedictorian speech ever

On this picture perfect morning in New York City, season finales are all the rage, from Dancing With The Stars to Glee.   Hines Ward's victory on the DWTS Season 12 finale is the big winner, trending on top on Google and in the top five on Twitter.   The American Idol contestants, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, are also among the big trend-setters this morning.  Lauren is outpacing Scott in searches, if that means anything.   Kirstie Alley was also out-pacing Hines Ward yesterday, but in the end, Ward took home the Mirror Ball trophy.

Josh Groban is also buzzing as he launched the North American leg of his 2011 Straight To You world tour to some of the best reviews of his career.

The tornado terror in tornado alley is also buzzing this morning as twisters caused more death and destruction overnight in Oklahoma and Texas.   Some incredible video is showing up on YouTube of the tornadoes, and one incredibly close lightning strike.

Also, check out the picture of hail on in Tulsa.   It's ENORMOUS!  Melon-sized.  Can't imagine this thing falling from the sky, or being the one who gets nailed by it.


Around the country, Chicago is buzzing with word that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to testify in the Blago trial… and San Francisco has news of a brand new social network, but this one's not for you -- it's for your car. Anyone can now send a message to any car in America.

Finally, the greatest Valedictorian speech ever… well, maybe not the greatest, but it's certainly making high school graduate Alaine Caudle famous on the internet.

That's the trend!

Have a great day,




What year is it?

Well, this picture is certain to be making a buzz. President Obama was apparently re-living the past as he toured Westminster Abbey, where he apparently signed the distinguished visitor's guestbook today (May 24, 2011) with the wrong date of 2008.  If you recall, that was a very good year for him.