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Extreme Weight Loss: Jami

Welcome to WABC TV’s Reset Your Life: A Healthier You blog! It follows the popular show "Extreme Weight Loss" (formerly Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) with host Chris Powell on ABC as well as other timely health issues as they come up in the headlines. As a bonus, you will also find meal plans, exercise routines and music playlists throughout the different posts to help get you motivated to reset your life! I wanted to start this blog, because like thousands of women in the tri-state, I too have struggles and triumphs with weight.

I have had major weight losses and gains in the last 12 years. The highs and lows on the scale correspond with the highs and lows I've experienced through school and college, work and the challenges of adult life. I am on my own new journey once again to get healthy. :)

This week on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss," we met 28-year-old Jami. Her birth mother in Chile gave Jami up when she was two-years-old.  Jami is looking forward to meeting her birth mother.  She has been in communication with her for four years, but says, "I want her to be able to wrap her arms all the way around me." Jami said, "I don't want to meet her this way."  Jami does not have a great relationship with her adopted mother.  Jami said, "My adopted Mom told me the only reason she adopted me was so she had someone to take care of her when she got older and I don't want to. I want someone to take care of me."


Just before her first weigh-in, Jami said, "I have a really hard time looking at myself in the mirror.  I liken it to 'you wouldn't stop to admire a piece of trash.'  Why would I want to look in the mirror?  I don't want to look at something that I know is disgusting."  Those are some pretty harsh words.  Chris said, "Jami's transformation doesn't have to do with weight loss.  It has to do with her learning to love herself and her realizing how extraordinary and how strong she really is."  The good thing is Jami does have a significant attitude change at the end of the 365-day program with Chris. Wait until you see her at her final weigh-in! 


Chris said, "Her self esteem is so low.  She has no value in herself.  She is so overwhelmed, she keeps breaking down into tears." Jami said she is scared to disappoint Chris.  We didn't learn this for awhile about Jami, but as she began to notice the weight coming off, she came clean about something very personal. She had contemplated suicide, even after she was selected for this amazing opportunity.  She said, "I had my pills and I was waiting for the cameras to leave and I was just gonna go back to my room and be done." She also said, "I hated myself so much, I just wanted to die."  She stopped with her plan because of the opportunity to change.  Chris said, "This is so much more than a weight-loss show.  This is people's lives."

Talk about a change in attitude.  As Jami saw the dedication to her lifestyle change was paying off and she was seeing amazing results, she said, "I feel the new me is strong enough to take on anything that's gonna get thrown my way." And Chris had plenty to throw at her.  Just before she was going to meet her birth mother in Chile, Jami was challenged to swim the length of the longest pool in the world and then run back!  That's one-and-a-half miles!  She did it AND beat the time Chris had set for her! Jami was really on a role and seeing the pounds fall off.  She said, "I'm living and dying by the scale...so everyday, I want to see results."  Chris reminded us, "It is possible to lose weight too fast."  Chris confronted Jami about her routine about three months in and discovered she was eating too few calories and not resting her body as she should.  Have you ever had this problem when you start seeing success?  I've found when I am on a roll, it's frightening to do anything that could possibly get me off track. As I learn how my body reacts to food and workouts, it's like I don't even want to go out with friends or eat anything that could potentially get me off of my routine.  I've found the second I veer off of my routine, it's that much more difficult to get back on track.  That even includes skipping one workout.  I get very vulnerable at those times.  Do you?  How do you allow yourself an "off day" or resting day without getting out of your routine?
When Jami met her mother, it was an emotional reunion filled with love.  Jami said it was better than her wildest dreams.  She said, "This day gave me the idea that I've been given this gift by a pretty selfless woman.  She said, "This is a person that loves me unconditionally and that's what I've been searching for my whole life.  A love that...comes because you are."  Jami got to meet her little sister, too! Both her birth mother and little sister made it in to watch Jami at her final weigh-in.  Chris said Jami was discovering herself.  Below is a look at Jami's final weigh-in.  She did what no other participant has done before her.  She weighed-in while wearing a two-piece swimsuit! 
Jami said, "I feel amazing.  The journey I've been on is one of tremendous growth.  To be standing here in this spot with this mind frame is something I never dreamt was possible.  
Jami said, "I feel as light as a feather and that I can take on the world!"
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I'll see you here soon with more encouraging weight loss stories and health news.

**This program is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for treatment of any medical condition and before beginning any diet or exercise regimen.** 



Thank you for the post.That's very informative and helpful to us who wanted to be healthy and fit.


I love the show, and your images really inspire me to get back into the gym and continue to work on my goals, and realize that truly nothing is impossible.

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