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Ali & Roberto are ENGAGED!

It's official!  Ali and Roberto are engaged and together!  Thank goodness, the spoilers were wrong!  Wow, some people who will remain nameless were ill informed!


I have some exciting news.  Today, I'll be taking part in a conference call with Chris, Ali, and Roberto!  I will bring you the highlights of that later in the day, with the full transcript of the conversation to follow later.


Also, thank you to all who participated in the live chat last night!  It went great!  You can read the whole transcript right here.  It was so fun to chat with all of you about the show, and watch it with people who are genuinely interested.  It was a blast!  I hope we can do it again for "The Bachelor" and maybe even the "Bachelor Pad" finale"!


Ok, let's get to the show.  We begin with Roberto meeting Ali's parents in Bora Bora.  If you can't make a good impression there, you can't make it anywhere.  Roberto charms the pants off of Ali's mom by telling her how much he loves Ali.



In fact, the whole family is having so much fun, they start to dance.  Actually, Ali and Roberto teach the group how to salsa dance.  They seemed to have a great time! 



Then, Roberto goes to have an awkward conversation with Ali's dad.  The inevitable, "Can I have your blessing" conversation.  Roberto did wonderfully!  He didn't hesitate for a nanosecond when asked if he loved Ali.  It was really sweet.  Of course, Ali's dad says that he will give them his blessing.  Actually, he said, "I don't see a problem with that".  Wow he's absolutely thrilled.


Next, Chris meets the Fedotowsky family.  They instantly love the fact that he was a teacher, his mom was a nurse, and that he is from Massachusetts.  They seemed to be taken a bit aback by the fact that he is 33.  That's 6 or 7 years older than Ali.


Ali's brother and sister were really taken by Chris though.  They really liked how down to earth he was and her brother even said that he needs a brother in the family.  That's really sweet.  Then it got a little weird when they all sat in the hot tub together. HA!



Ali's family all weighed in and shared their opinion of the guys with Ali.  Her parents seemed to feel that Roberto was really in it for her, while her brother and sister said they kind of felt more strongly about Chris.  However, her parents said it was clear, no matter who she picked, both guys loved her.



Next, Ali and Roberto have their 1 on 1 time.  They spend a lot of time talking, and kissing (of course). 


Then he gave her a frame with a picture of the two of them on the beach, with a personal message/poem on the back.  It was really cute.  


Ali said that her heart was bursting.  It was clear that she wanted to tell Roberto just how much she loved him.  But as you know, she needs to keep that under wraps until the final rose ceremony.


But, there wouldn’t be a rose ceremony.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BACHELORETTE HISTORY, Ali dumped Chris the day before.  It was supposed to be their 1 on 1 date time, but instead, Ali had a heart to heart with him.  She explained that she was in love with Roberto.  So rather than string him along, and make him deal with the anticipation of a rose ceremony and possibly proposing, she wanted to break it off then.  The poor guy really didn't see it coming.  I felt so bad for him.  I might have even cried a little if I wasn't at work. 



Chris accepts the fact that she doesn't love him and leaves.  On his way out, a very big and beautiful rainbow formed in the sky.  It was the most amazing thing!  Remember: Chris' mom said that once she died, Chris should look for her in rainbows, and there she was!  Ali saw it too.  It made them both cry.



Roberto meantime, does not know that Chris has been given the boot.  He starts to freak out and wonder if he can actually propose to Ali.  They send in the ring guy and he starts looking at all of the GORGEOUS rings. 


He even starts to talk to the ring guy about their relationship.  He picks a very pretty ring, and it wasn't yellow!  I really thought he would go with the yellow diamond, because that is Ali's signature color.  But, he decided to go with a traditional princess cut white diamond.  Very pretty and classic.


Ali then reveals that she is all about Roberto and gushes how she can't wait to see him.  She also talked about how she was worried that he may not feel as strongly about her.  She had nothing to worry about.  Roberto shows up, gushes to her about how much he loves her, and then whispered the sweetest words ever, "Be my wife".  He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and she said YES!  Thank goodness!!!!


I am so thrilled.  All I wanted is for Ali to be happy and find someone to love and be loved by and she did! 


The "After the Final Rose" special was a little sad.  They made Chris watch himself being dumped, again.  Poor guy. 

Wasn't he put through enough?  I really hope he is the next bachelor!  Maybe we'll hear an announcement soon on who the lucky guy will be!


Then they talked about the whole stupid Frank debacle.  But, really, who even cares now.  Ali is happy and has moved on.  So did the viewers in my opinion, so that whole thing was a waste of time.  Frank didn't even show up.  Big surprise.


Enter Roberto!  Ali and Roberto reveal that they are TOGETHER and not only that, but Roberto has moved to San Francisco! 


They also bought an apartment together and Roberto is already there!  Now that the show is over, Ali is free to move in with him.  Until now, they saw each other every two weeks since the show ended, and recently, they saw each other every weekend!  Ali and Roberto both expressed that they were happy to get back to normal life.  They took off on a pre-honeymoon of sorts to Catalina Island...how else?  In a helicopter!



Also, is that wedding bells I hear?  Roberto wants a spring wedding, Ali wants a summer wedding! Looks like they will be tying the knot sometime in the spring or summer!  I hope we get to watch that beautiful event on ABC!  Hopefully they learned something from Jason and Molly and will have an alternate rain location should they decide to get married outdoors.


All in all, this has been one of my most favorite seasons.  It had drama, adventure, a happy ending, and most importantly LOVE.  I hope you'll keep reading because I will continue to update about how all the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples are doing, and also about the new show "Bachelor Pad"!


Check back tomorrow for the interviews with Chris, Ali, and Roberto!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,


Jennifer Matarese


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