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Skype Interview with Ali!

I had the privilege of interviewing Ali today over Skype!   First off, let me say she is such a nice, genuine, and funny person!  Who on earth would have the horrible sense to break up with her?! (ahem...FRANK!)


Anyway, let's get right to it.  I had 6 minutes to ask Ali whatever I wanted, and she couldn't (obviously) reveal who she picked or if she picked anyone.  Although there were some very interesting tidbits revealed.  For one, Frank WOULD have made it into the final two!  Also, Ali talks about her feelings about Frank, and also about how she is doing now that the show is over.


We all saw Frank choose to go back to his ex in last night's episode.  Do you still think Frank is "the biggest jerk you ever met" now that you've had some time away from the show?


Is there anything that ABC or anyone could have done to weed out the guys like Justin and Frank who had ties to other women back home?



Was the outcome of the whole "Bachelorette" process what you wanted it to be in the end?



What did you take away from the show...a possible relationship? (I had to try!)



It seemed like Frank would make it to the end, did you envision him there?  Did it throw your mindset off when dealing with the guys you had left when Frank decided to leave?


After watching Jake and Vienna, do you feel like you dodged a bullet, when it comes to being with Jake?

Overall, I thought she had great answers!  I hope she does find happiness either with Roberto or Chris, or even on her own. 

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



This is great! I tweeted it and posted about it on forums, it's a great interview!


The "what did you take away from...a possible relationship?" question....Watch when she says the kind of guy she'd like to marry is like...She was going to say CHRIS right away but she caught herself and then she covered and said Roberto then Chris!!! HA HA HA!!! Whatcha think??

monica cerutti

I hope Ali did choose someone,I wish her the best either way.

Jasmine Mars

Why the heck would anyone ever get down on Frank for leaving this stupid show? According to Ali, she wouldn't have picked him anyway. Also, odds are, if she did pick him, they wouldn't be together for long. So what would have been in it for Frank to stay on the show? Does he get paid a lot of money per episode? Yeah, right. Honestly, could Frank have possibly offered Ali? A life of poverty? He doesn't make much money and still lives with his parents. He's better off with his girlfriend who seemingly accepts him. Also, would could Ali have possibly offered Frank? A month or two of drama and hell? Frank did the right thing, albeit a little late. Ali was a sniveling whining beeatch when Frank told her what was going down.

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