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Nicole: 'You need to come home' Frank, on 'The Bachelorette'

Tonight's the night when Frank lowers the boom on our poor Ali.  I feel so bad for her.  Keep in mind the show actually ended a few months ago, and now, she has to relive the whole thing should she choose to watch tonight.  Here's a new preview.  You can get a really good look at Frank's ex-girlfriend Nicole now.

Wow, how very Jerry, "Jerry Maguire" that is.  "I never would have thought somebody would acutally complete somebody", BARF everywhere.  I'm just upset because Frank put on such a good show about wanting to be with Ali ALL the time.  Remember how jealous he got when every other guy got their chance for a 1 on 1 date, and how he pouted on all of his group dates?  Such a wishy-washy jerky guy!  I'm sure he's probably a fairly nice person, in fact, all of the guys that I've interviewed so far, Craig, Ty, and Kirk, all commented on how nice Frank is and how they are pretty surprised about this whole situation.  I hope he is, and I hope he FINALLY makes a decision and sticks with it.  Hopefully he won't do the same thing to Nicole, should she take him back, in a few weeks or months.

Tonight should be interesting.  I wonder what they will do.  I doubt they will have a rose ceremony.  There's really not much point to it.  So I guess that means Chris and Roberto will advance to the end and then we will finally see if Ali picks someone and who that is.  Unfortunately, we have to sit through "The Men Tell All."  I hate that episode.  To me, it's a throw away.  You never really learn anything that you didn't already know.  I am looking forward to seeing Kirk talk with Ali again, but other than that, I hear Frank won't even be there.  We'll have to wait and see.

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



I think Frank is no better than Justin. I think he and his girlfriend planned this to get fame and tv time. He has no job and lives at home with his family. His performance was so corny, I don't know how other including Chris does not see thru it. Ali's husband is still there and her gut was telling her Frank was not right but she would not listen I did not see what she saw on the nerd. Good luck Ali, I hope you make the right choice, go with your heart and your gut and don't shun away from love because of fear.

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