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Bachelor Pad Preview!

There's a new "Bachelor" show coming on ABC this summer called "Bachelor Pad".  Now, originally the idea was to have 20 former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, but now there is 19.  Looks like there will be an uneven number of people living in the house.

Here is a description of the show from ABC:

There's a lot of love (and loathing) in the room as fan-favorites, arch-rivals, scheming villains and the sexiest participants from the Bachelor franchise reunite under one roof in a new series to compete for $250,000 and perhaps... a "second chance" at love on ABC's BACHELOR PAD, premiering MONDAY, AUGUST 9 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET).

The series begins with 19 of the most unforgettable characters from seasons past living together in the Bachelor Pad mansion. Each week, they'll square off in head-to-head challenges to compete for immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with the contestant of their choice. The winner of the challenge will then grant immunity to one of his or her dates via the presentation of a rose.

At the end of each episode, the contestants will vote amongst themselves to determine which cast members will be eliminated from the competition. The show offers the 19 now-single contestants a "second chance" at finding love, something that didn't quite work out the first time around.


The 19 contestants ready to lay it all on the line for love and/or money, in alphabetical order, are:

ASHLEY E. (The Bachelor Season 14)

Ashley elmore 9 
Ashley once surprised Jake in a flight attendant costume and was never shy about using little tricks to get her way. We can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve this time.
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 30
Residence: Fairfax, VA

CRAIG M. (The Bachelorette Season 6)

Craig McKinnon 10 
As Ali searched for her dream man, Craig was weatherman Jonathan N.'s worst nightmare. Storm clouds are on the horizon as Craig M. crosses paths with "the weatherman" once again.
Occupation: Dental Sales
Age: 34
Residence: Toronto, Canada

DAVID G. (The Bachelorette Season 5)

David Good 6 
David clued us in on the "man code" (certain things you do and you don't do) during Jillian's season. We can't wait to see what he'll "do" when he reunites with old nemesis, Juan B.
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Age: 28
Residence: Dayton, OH

ELIZABETH K. (The Bachelor Season 14)

Elizabeth Kitt 19 
Elizabeth was labeled "the tease" and had Jake "make out" with her forehead, which made us all furrow our brows. Hey, maybe the forehead will be an erogenous zone for someone residing at this brand new Bachelor Pad! (Look she's blonde now!)
Occupation: Sales
Age: 30
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

GIA A. (The Bachelor Season 14)

Gia Allemand 17
 Gia showcased her "model behavior" by opening up to Jake about her insecurities. We're pretty secure in thinking Gia is going to turn the heads of more than a few of the men at the pad.
Occupation: Swimsuit Model
Age: 26
Residence: New York, NY


GWEN G. (The Bachelor Season 2)

Gwen Gioia 16Gwen, older and wiser amongst her rivals, was America's Sweetheart as we watched her heart be broken by Aaron. Will she find love this time around?
Occupation: Project Manager
Age: ? (I bet we can figure this out!)
Residence: Philadelphia, PA


JESSE B. (The Bachelorette Season 6)

Jesse beck 7Jesse B. is the sexy, strong, silent type. He'll have to deal with Season 6 cohorts Jonathan ("the weatherman") and Craig M., who often needled him about his tattoos.
Occupation: General Contractor
Age: 25
Residence: Peculiar, MO

JESSE K. (The Bachelorette Season 5)

Jesse Kovacs 11 
"The wine guy," Jesse K., melted the ice with Jillian on a glacier in Whistler. If only we could bottle his charm.
Occupation: Winemaker
Age: 28
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

JESSIE S. (The Bachelor Season 14) 

Jesse sulidis 15 
Jessie confronted Rozlyn during the "Women Tell All," but will her outspoken ways help or hurt her chances at the Bachelor Pad? We'll see!
Occupation: Cosmetics Sales
Age: 25
Residence: Ontario, Canada

JONATHAN N. (The Bachelorette Season 6)

Jonathan novack 18 Jonathan, "the weatherman," loathes Craig M. and once warned Ali he was a "dangerous guy." We're thinking Jonathan's latest forecast looks rather gloomy, as Craig is back to rain on his parade. (Maybe I should have used his black speedo picture)
Occupation: Weatherman
Age: 31
Residence: Houston, TX

JUAN B. (The Bachelorette Season 5) 

Juan barbieri 3 
Juan butted heads with arch-rival David G., not just over Jillian, but over everything! He'll not only have to deal David, but everyone else in the pad if he's to win it all.
Occupation: General Contractor
Age: 37
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

KIPTYN L. (The Bachelorette Season 5) 

Kiptyn Locke 5 
Kiptyn may have lost Jillian's heart to Ed, but those unforgettable washboard abs already makes him a winner with us. Will he be able to stomach the competition here?
Occupation: Sales & Operations Manager
Age: 32
Residence: Encinitas, CA

KRISILY K. (The Bachelor Season 7) 

Krisily Kennedy 14 
Krisily alienated some of the girls on her way to becoming runner-up in the quest for Charlie's heart. She may have to check her gruff demeanor at the Bachelor Pad door for a shot at the grand prize. Then again, maybe she won't.
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Age: 30
Residence: Los Angeles, CA

MICHELLE K. (The Bachelor Season 14) 

Michelle Kujawa 2Crazy Michelle is back!!!  (Don't you think she's be perfect for Krazy Kasey?!)  Her unsuccessful kiss with Jake sent her home mid-date. Maybe she'll have better luck giving lip service to one of the guys at the pad.
Occupation: Sales
Age: 26
Residence: Anaheim, CA

NATALIE G. (The Bachelor Season 13) 

Natalie Getz 8Natalie's famous line - "I like bears" - led to an embarrassing end for her and Jason. Will her animal attraction attract the attention of someone at this particular pad?
Occupation: Bartender
Age: 28
Residence: Hollywood, CA

NIKKI K. (The Bachelor Season 13)

Nikki Krappke 4 
Nikki may have been dismissed by Jason after a two-on-one date, but will her romantic past with a fellow contestant work to her advantage this time around?
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Age 30
Residence: Chicago, IL

PEYTON W. (The Bachelor Season 10)

Peyton Wright 13 
Peyton's sweet nature was not enough to keep Andy from abruptly abandoning her on an aircraft carrier. Don't you just hate when that happens? Will Peyton take flight with anyone in this new crew?
Occupation: CheerleaderApparel Sales
Age: 27
Residence: Dallas, TX

TENLEY M. (The Bachelor Season 14)

Tenley Molzahn 12 
Fan-favorite Tenley fell just short of walking down the aisle with Jake after he chose Vienna as his true love.  (Hey Tenley, He's available again!)  We're thinking a quarter million dollars might help ease her heartache.
Occupation: College Admissions
Age: 26
Residence: Huntington Beach, CA

WES H. (The Bachelorette Season 5)

Wes Hayden 1 
Wes may be the most notorious participant in Bachelor history having admitted to joining The Bachelorette in search of stardom instead of love with Jillian. Will the stars align for him here?
Occupation: Country Music Artist
Age: 33
Residence: Austin, TX

The hosts of Bachelor Pad are Chris Harrison (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) and former Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant Melissa Rycroft.

Bachelor pad hosts

This is for sure, the longest post ever I think!  Anyway it will be interesting to see who hooks up with who in the "Bachelor Pad"!  Click comment below to share your thoughts!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



I think Gia A. should hook up with Jesse B. What?!,there both sexy.


i love tenley and kitpyn together and i agree with tenely about michelle and craig m making out she was so rude to tenely and i hope tenley and kitpyn win

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