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"First Impression" of this season

Ali met 25 "great" guys on the Monday night premier of “The Bachelorette”, and they were trying harder than ever to get that “first impression” rose.

Limo number 1, full of great contenders! I was excited to see so many nice guys for Ali. We’ve got Chris H., my pick for her from reading the bios and he looked cuter than ever. Ali thought so too. Then, another standout is Chris L. He’s the sweetie from Cape Cod who quit his job in New York City to move home to help take care and spend time with his dying mother. It’s easy to see where his priorities lie, family comes first to him. Ty is a southern gentleman from Tennessee and then crazy Frank comes popping out of the Limo’s sun roof and climbs out.

Limo number 2 appears to be full of controversial and complicated men. We’ve got Justin, the 26 year old “entertainment wrestler” who happens to have a broken ankle, and Kasey, who loves Ali already and says he wants nothing but the best for her, but I feel he has some issues going on.

In Limo 3, it’s smokin’ hot as Roberto starts speaking Spanish to Ali and entices her with the promise of salsa dancing. As he walks away, she says that he is SEXY. I like that she says what she thinks, it reaffirms my thoughts most of the time! Then there’s John C. who nearly gives poor Ali a heart attack by getting down on one knee and proposing to her with a cubic zirconia ring…for 1 on 1 time. Phew. That could have been an early end to the season. Also, enter Craig M., a McDreamy of sorts with a very full head of hair and a rainbow tie, but a bad attitude to boot.

Limo 4 holds Jonathan, a 30 year old weatherman from Dallas, who can’t wait to entertain Ali with his zany ways. Also inside is Craig R., I’m calling him out as the “right reasons policeman”. This guy is so concerned that everyone isn’t there for “the right reasons.” There is one every season, and I just always wish they would mind their own business and stop entering the “friend zone”. Those people never get picked in the end.

Limo number 5 contains Phil, who I would have picked for Ali, but sadly, she did not pick for herself. It was not coming up roses for him. Also, there’s Jason who climbs over the limo and then back-flips off the top of it…impressive. I hope the producers of “The Bachelor” took out a hefty damage insurance policy on those limos because between Jason and Frank, those things have to be full of dents. This limo also contains the gem that is Shooter…we’ll get to his rise and fall in a bit.

Now that Ali has met all the guys, it’s time to let them talk for a few minutes how pretty she is and really get some testosterone pumping. Kirk takes Ali off for some 1 on 1 time, and gives her a scrapbook of his life. I thought it was sweet, my husband however, reminded me that a scrapbook is just one step away from a ransom note, let’s hope not. Anyway, Craig M. took the opportunity when Kirk came back to tell him how stupid his scrapbook is. It was the first of many things Craig M. would call lame.

Then there’s Shooter. Finally time for the clip we’ve all seen over and over. He reveals that the reason for his nickname is due to an experience he had in college. Ali apparently feels that E.D. is no laughing matter and not something she wants to deal with. He doesn’t make the cut…sorry to break your hearts America.

Chris Hansen awkwardly entered the room and brought in the “First Impression” rose, just to make everyone super uncomfortable and competitive. Craig M. and the weatherman face off in a two on one situation where they are talking to Ali and he can’t get a word in edgewise. I agree with Craig, you have to let the lady respond once in a while, but Craig M. could have done better at just jumping in there.

Roberto however, keeps his word and teaches Ali to salsa dance. She swooned and giggled like a school girl, and I can’t blame her, he is pretty dreamy! That’s why he received the coveted “First Impression” rose and I’m pretty sure, a nice big target on his back. That “First Impression” rose can have a nasty double edge.

Chris L., my new favorite potential husband for Ali, had great 1 on 1 time, but when asked about his parents, failed to reveal that his mother died, and just tells her they are still married. I feel it’s not a lie, and I respect his feelings for wanting to keep his first encounter with her on the light side, and not unloading his baggage on her right away. I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite him in the coming weeks when the sad truth comes out.Chris L.

Another guy that Ali gets some 1 on 1 time with is Justin, otherwise known as “Rated-R” the entertainment wrestler. I think he is actually a sweet guy. He comes from a good family and was raised by his mother and oh-so-cute grandma. The guys however, think he could be up to no good, and think he is only on the show to further his career. I’m not convinced of this yet.

Chris Hansen decides to really turn up the heat on the tension in the room and brings out a black box. The guys have to write down the name of someone who isn’t there for the right reasons. I bet Craig R. “the right reasons policeman” was really in his glory here. Craig R.

Anyway Craig M., wasn’t having anything of it. He didn’t feel he knew anyone’s reasons well enough and didn’t want to write down a name. Jason tells him to “man up” and I have to agree, “man up” Craig M. and stop being such a whiny baby! It’s not attractive.

The black box reveals that all of the guys hate “Rated-R” and Ali has to have a private talk with him. She is forced to decide between sending him home, right then and there, or giving him a rose. She gives him the rose because hey, the guy loves what he does, he loves his grandma, so let’s just get to know him first! The guys are not happy with this but Justin looks at them and says, “So…yeah.” Well done Justin!

Overall, I agree with Ali’s picks. I think she did a great job. I just wish she would have given Phil a chance, oh well. At least she still has Chris H. and Chris L.

The previews for the future episodes reveal some scary situations. Apparently Kasey is this season’s “Crazy Michelle” (from last season’s ‘The Bachelor’) but takes it to a whole new level. There are shots of him with bandages on his wrist and expressing some very obsessive feelings about Ali. I hope that turns out better than it looks like it will. Other than that, lots of shirtless guys, lots of kissing (I don’t know how she can do all that knowing her family is going to watch this!) and lots of jet setting to Turkey, Iceland, and Tahiti.  Also, SOMEONE HAS A GIRLFRIEND...uh oh, not again!  Didn't we learn anything from Jillian's season?  Weed these guys out!

So I hope you join me next week, when we will whittle this group of now 18 men down a bit more!  Click here to enjoy some photos from the night!

Hugs, Kisses and Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




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