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Driven Crazy

The hard-working mom is forced to break the law every time she drives. Her husband got into accident 3 years ago – totaling the car. But the family’s insurance company canceled the policy the day of the accident, instead of the day after. That meant the D.M.V. flagged her for having an accident as uninsured driver and suspended her driver’s license.

After the insurance company couldn’t or wouldn’t fix the problem, the Long Island mom had a choice – cough up hundreds or keep driving and risk getting arrested.

Today, tune in at 5 to see how 7 ON YOUR SIDE stepped in and helped the mother of 2.

Also here’s a new picture of our littlest 7 on your side team member. My daughter Jolie is 3 weeks old now-still waking up every two hours! She’s getting bigger every day and is a good baby, so far. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed she will be the quiet daughter !!!)

We took her out in the world for the first time yesterday. Our town had a carnival at the local parochial school-with rides and games and loud music but she slept in the Baby Bjorn the whole time.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Keep sending us your stories 7 on your side is here for you!


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