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May 2010


New Pictures!!! Nina Pineda and her new baby girl!

You wanted it, you got it. Here's another picture of the proud mommy with her 2 day old baby girl. Nina 2


Baby Pictures!!!! Nina Pineda's new baby girl.

Here she is - after 9 months she's finally ready for her close-up;  Little baby Pineda. She was born this morning at 6:17am. She is 7lbs. 10 oz. 21 inches. Nina is doing fine. Nina1


Avoid a Moving Nightmare

Minimum insurance coverage caused maximum problems for one Brooklyn homeowner. Before a cross-country move, she underinsured her shipment. When the truck carrying all her earthly possessions went up in flames, she was out thousands of dollars. Tune in tonight at 11pm to see what happened when 7 On Your Side stepped in.


Car Disappears From Valet Parking Lot

Imagine coming home from a well deserved, relaxing, birthday vacation - but when you go to get your car, its gone!

That's exactly what happened to one local New Yorker. Before going to Aruba, he left his car in a valet parking lot. When he handed his key to the attendant, he thought his car would be safe. Instead, when he returned, his Ford F350 was nowhere to be found! The most stressful part of it all? He's a salesperson and needs a vehicle. In order to keep his job, he had to rent a car. For over one year, he has tried to get the parking company to reimburse the rental fees. Watch tonight at 11 to find out what happens once Seven On Your Side got involved. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


Tips On How To Child Proof Your Home

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Thursday!


Many parents feel that their homes are the safest place for their children, but surprisingly, that’s exactly where most accidents happen! Kids (especially babies and toddlers) are very industrious and will try to get into everything! On today’s Seven On Your Side we’ll offer tips on how to “child-proof” your home. We'll also share the most common mistake parents overlook.


Be sure to tune in today at five to learn ways to keep your kids out of trouble, but most importantly, out of danger.


Plans For a Sweet 16 Turn Bitter

A single mother paid thousands of dollars to ensure a perfect day for her daughter's Sweet 16 - only to find out days before that the venue was shut down by the police! Family members were flying into town, a church service was scheduled, but the venue's owner didn't give the cash back. After months of trying to retrieve her money, she contacted us. Watch tomorrow night to see what happens when Seven On Your Side gets involved.