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Favorite toys?

What was your favorite toy as a kid?  Holiday shopping season is upon us and today on Eyewitness News we’ll take a look at the newest tech toys.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you
think.  Post your comments below!


Claudia Bennett

My Favorate Toy Growing up and so suprised to see her behind my Fathers recylner by the Christmas Tree was Chatty Cathy blonde long hair and a pink dress pull the string behind her head and she would talk. I cried with so much happines, and back in the 50's my parents couldn't afford alot.

Eileen Flood

My Barbie Doll House. That was the best thing ever, played with it non-stop from age 4 to maybe age 9. It's every little girl's dream.


Sock Monkey my mom made.

Lamont M Pearson

My favorite toy as a child my getting a Lionel Train set and rock em sock em robot and a big wheel

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