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Welcome home Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is home after her bone marrow transplant and says all the well wishes have helped her in the process.  Send her a well wish now! 

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Dear Ms. Robin Roberts: I was not familiar with you or GMA until August of this year. At the end of August I celebrated my 100th day of recovery after a stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma. It was during this time that my Mother told me about you. She watches your news broadcast and thinks the world of you and now I know why-- you have such spunk and a spirit that won't quit! I know what you are experiencing as I am still recovering. There will be ups and downs during your recovery but you will overcome. I like to think of my condition as a speed bump and my body and mind combined is my Hummer which I put in drive and just keep moving forward, little by little. You have a brand new Hummer Ms. Roberts, and I have no doubt that you will reach smooth ground soon. Wishing you comfort, rest, strength and infinite happiness and peace.

Eric F. Saucier

Life and everything in it is a gift from the infinite mind;
and the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind.

Joe Potinger

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I have never met you but watch you all the time and you have such great spirits. I wish you well and hope to see you back on very soon. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

Peg Carolan

As a fellow breast cancer survivor, I prayed for your recovery and successful bone marrow transplant. You are such a wonderful spokesperson for all of us. Be well in your journey. The Saint I pray to for my cancer cure and yours is St. Peregrine. He is very powerful.


Hey, Robin i have not spoke to you since i took a pic. with you in 2006, you might remember me from the black pen i gave you hope you enjoyed that. but, Robin i should have contacted you on something that, i know will help you. This is somethng you entake everyday its just yours is full of acid, cholerine, and arsenic, believe me this is no pills, injections or anything am trying to sell you, am giving it away. Robin your home is full of this. It is important that i speak to you, it can help everyone in your family and everyone on this planet it is so sad the FDA don't want us to know about it. Either you contact me or i will just have to wait until you return to your job and come to you. I know this will help you because it help me and everyone in my family and everyone i talk to about it. Robin you will not believe me but, we where all the same way non-believers until it help me and the power of GOD lead me to it. Talk to you hopefully soon. shelly: P.S this can even take the pesticide off your fruits and veggie, it gets deeper then that i call it a miracle, you just have to see it to believe it. later.


Dear Robin,
Wishing strength each and every day. You are truly an inspiration to so many .God is good. Every day .
Warmest regards


You have great strength behind you, stay strong in your heart, and positive in your mind. Keep smiling. You are beating this!

Nan M. Angerman

Hi Robin,
So glad you are home and on the way to a complete recovery. I purchased your Robin Roberts' Prayer for Protection Wristband and wear one every day. Cannot wait for the day you return to GMA! Good things happen to good people and I believe you will be back before you know it!!! :)

Rita Appah

Robin, you shall and have been healed in the name of God. Stay well and blessed!


you are amazing...GOD is with u always...i wish u well

Theresa Cohen

Dear Robin,
I hope you will fully recover soon. You have lots of bravery. My prayers are to you for a very speedy recovery! God bless you and I hope you feel better!!

Joan Heumann

Hi Robin!
I'm so happy that your bone marrow surgery went well. It's the healthy marrow from your sister that will keep you going for many more happy & healthy years. All the best, & before you know it, you'll be back on GMA. My thoughts & prayers are with you always.

Eileen McMahon

Dear Robin,

Great to see you back home - it's the best medicine for recovery, along with the love of family and friends. You inspire us all with your bravery, honesty, integrity, spirituality and extraordinary good humor. Take care and give yourself all the time you need to get well. You are missed each morning all across America - you start our day and have made us see how to face down demons.

Thank you and bless you, Eileen McMahon.


Hang in there Robin we all love you and pray for you speedy recovery.N.


Hi Robin,I am so glad that you are already home.Be patient we all pray for you,and keep on smiling,we smile back on you!love Nicole.


Dear Robin,

Money is honey, but health is wealth! Enjoy your blessings!


Stay strong Robin,
I have followed your journey and I know exactly what you are going. I went through a bone marrow transplant 20 years ago at Sloan Kettering. That wonderful hospital and staff saved my life. After transplant can be just as hard as the time in the hospital. Continue to be kind to yourself, and stay strong , you are such an inspiration.
Love and prayers

Eileen Defeo

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope to see you back on the TV real soon.

Jim Parise

dear robin,
i watched your homecoming on the channel 7 news segment yesterday. where you are now, i was 3.5 years ago after my stem cell transplant and release from Sloan. the clip of you leaving the hospital, mask and all, brought back so many memories. the liberation, the fresh air, the sunshine all too often taken for granted. and to come home to my own house, my own bed was glorious. i wish you a wonderful recovery. you're a fighter and those of us with cancer have to be fighters. happy new birthday as well. jim

Terrie Allen

Dear Robin;

You are some kind of VERY special! Can't wait to see you well and back at GMA.

Much love!

Renee Washington


You are such an "AWESOME" person and an inspiration to all! The "Creator" has blessed you and will continue to do so! Much love to you.


Renee Washington & Family

Renee Washington


You are such an "AWESOME" person and an inspiration to all! The "Creator" has blessed you and will continue to do so! Much love to you.


Renee Washington & Family

Suzanne R.

Wishing you health and joy xoxo

Donna Koster

Your are an AMAZING person Robin. You never give up which is a true Blessing. My wish for you is a speedy recovery and my thoughts & prayers are with you everyday XOXOXOXOXO

Dorothy Wieczerzak

Dear Robin:

Glad you are home. Just get strong and get well. It has been said that you are beautiful - yes you are both inside and outside. I look forward to seeing you soon on GMA.

A long-time fan, Dorothy



The journey you are making inspired me to register with Be the Match! I have been thinking about it for a while but I decided there was no time like the present. Like you, I am a cancer survivor and I have been watching you on GMA for years. I wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return to GMA! God bless you!


Hi Robin:

Wishing you continued strength. Stay well and get back to GMA soon!!

Denise Reid
New Jersey


Welcome home Robin! May You have a speedy recovery. God Bless

Barbara Kane

Welcome Home!! My family are so happy to see you at home. Please do everything the doctors tell you. I can't wait to see you on Good America again. You are such a kind and warm hearted person. God bless you always and watch over you.


glad your back

Nicole F.

Dear Robin:
So happy you pull threw. It was great seeing on the news last night. I just wanted to send my well wishes to you for continued recovery. Miss you on GMA, truly.

I know we are all looking forward to the day when sicknesses will be a thing of past according to the Almighty God's promise at Isaiah 33:24. "And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people that are dwelling in the land will be those pardoned for their error."

Keep on fighting and stay strong. All the best.

Antonio & John

Dear Robin
We both wish you all the best on your recover keep up the faith also and come back soon to your GMA friends family we enjoy you and all the others each morning,


Extatic to see you up and around, dear lady.Never had a doubt that you were meant to survive. You are a child of the universe. You have too much to give still.

Loretta Sleavensky

Dear Robin

So happy everthing turned out so well for you.
You are a very strong women with strong beliefs thats what it takes to go through what you have gone through. Gods blessing for your complete recovery and looking forward to seeing you on GMA....real soon......Much Love to a wonderful women....oxoxoxoxo

myra laster-woodson

Wishing you a speedy recovery and finding your strenth from God's hands

Karen Watford


Praise God to Whom All blessing flow! I am so grateful that you have made it through you operation ok. My family and I have been praying for you everyday. God is Awesome isn't He? I am sure you are thinking him for your progress also.I will continue to pray for you and your sister. I pray that God will give you a speedy recovery. I watch you every day as I am getting dressed for work and I love and enjoy you. P.S. I loved when you were singing the song "Let the church say Amen". Perfect song for you.
May God Bless you and Keep you in his care.

Alicia Warwick


I have been watching you on channel 7 for a while. You are an inspiration. Tough lady! Glad you are home and will keep you in my prayers for full recovery of your mind, body and spirit.

May God and his angels be around you and help you.

rock on lady!!

Much love,


Donna Kostulas

Welcome home Robin. With the way you're improving, it won't be long before you're back at GMA. We are all praying for you and hope that you will be better soon. You are an inspiration to everyone and we all love you.

Annette Cicero

Dear Robin,
I'm so happy to hear that the bone marrow surgery was successful. You are an amazing strong woman and God has blessed you with wonderful family and friends to support and love you.
Welcome Home!

Cheryl Moore

I am going to start this by calling you Robin. Because although we have never met I feel as if we are friends due to the years I have watched you and the way your spirit comes through the television . You are one of the most inspiring people that God has graced me the opportunity to have within the pages of my life. If ever anyone should be in need of a shining example of strength and courage, you my dear are it. To see you and to feel you lean on your faith is a clear example of what God means for us all. Just to be a good and humble servant holding on to its faith. God bless you friend maybe one day we shall meet but if not my heart still knows you well.


Good morning Robin,
I saw your homecoming and I just wanted you to know you're an amazing inspiration. Just know that God is watching over you and he's not done with you yet! God's blessings and praying for your healing. Hope to see your smiling face on the GMA soon. Joyce


Dear Robin - now that you are safely at home, with that beautiful view of the river - my prayers are with you in your recovery...have adored you from the beginning on GMA - and its onward and upward from here on in...God Bless you and get you back on GMA....


Robin, welcome home!! I have had you in my thoughts and prayers. God is on your side, upholding you and embracing you as you go through this stage of your life. Your testimony will be a tremendous blessing to others. Hold strong, trust God, and turn to your support system for encouragement. God is faithul and true. He loves you, and so do we.

xo, Lisa Lugo (viewer)

Joaquin Farnos

Dear Robin, you are such an inspiration, from one survivor to another, I want to be like you when I grow up! Now let's get better, we miss you girl. My prayers are with you and your family.


Yay! I'm so happy for you, Robin. I was dancing along with you and your sisters, while watching you on TV yesterday morning. My prayers are with you. Be well.

- Holly Palma

Colleen from Whiting, NJ

Dear Robin, I truly admire you, your strength and your faith....You are an amazing woman. God Bless you always.

Denise Salvesen

Wishing you God's blessing each and every step of the way..continue to recover and know that we are waiting for you to return to your place on GMA...we miss you and pray for you each and everyday...PRAISE THE LORD for all that he has done so far and will continue to do each and everyday. You are a special woman and we want only the best for you always. lv u denise from brooklyn

Pat Smith

Good morning Robin way to go girl. I also am a Bone Marrow Transplant survivor and did it at Memorial Sloan Kettering as well. I cant say enough great positive things about them as Im sure you know. This is a new journey for you, life will be little different now but oh so precious. Dance around the house, eat ice cream for breakfast, enjoy every moment of every day. Each day you will reach new accomplishments, some very small, some very big but at the end of the day still an accomplishment. God bless you Ms Robin Roberts..you go girl!

Maria Bencebi

Congratulations Robin!!!!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery and your in my prayers.
Nothing is Impossible!!! :-) Be fearless and courageous like the Lion I know you are!!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Love Maria

Helen Healy

Welcome back and God bless you!!

Lydia Paster

Good morning Robin,
Hope you had a restful night at home without too many people waking you up. hope you enjoyed the smash up on GMA it was great. Just checking in and prayers and tears are for you. a fan, Lydia Paster

Judy K

I LOVE GMA and have been following for years. Glad to hear you are HOME and doing well. Your strength and the love that surrounds you I'm sure have really helped. I think of you always and you are always in my prayers. Stay Strong-listen to those drs. and do what you're told and before you know it-we'll be seeing you back on GMA!!!

Lisa Mey

Glad for you that you are finally home back in your own space. Positive thoughts and prayers being sent your way.


You are so brave and inspiring. Your positive attitude and uplifting smile can only inspire and help others.


Welcome home Robin!!! You are a truly strong and beautiful person. Prayers and hugs coming your way


My prayers are with you at this difficult time of your life.. May God continue to give you the support you need to get over this terrible disease. God bless you and your family.

Lourdes Amato

Robin, Keep feeling the love! Not having you on Good morning America is like missing that puzzle piece!

The power of visualization is powerful, GOD is always present!



You go Robin,we are so glad you are going home--Hurry back to GMA we miss you sooooooooooo!!!!

Martha Epple

I have been following your progress from the beginning. I went through stem cell transplant 2 yrs ago. I know your pain. My prayers are with you. Don't lose patience it takes a long recovery. Take care of yourself.

Karen Schaller

Life is wonderful, and I am so happy you have a second chance to live it to it's fullest. God bless you on this journey.


Keeping getting better. I miss you on my TV in the morning. keep up they great smile of yours.

Theresa Intintoli

I don't usually do things like this on the internet however I have watched you on the TV for quite a long time and admire you very much. I am a 69 year old woman who can't believe how you have lifted my spirts and have made a difference in my thought of illness. God bless you and your family and my you return to your normal life very soon.

Beth Berkowitz

You dear Robin are an inspiration to all. Your courage, determination and never ending fight are just a few of your qualities. Surrounding you with love and sending you a blessing.

Best regards
Beth berkowitz

Tamara Dorce

Robin congratulations on your next big win on life. You have gain another trophy of hope and a beacon of light for all those who are struggling. Watching your amazing journey through your illness, has given me the strength to overcome any obstacles and challenges in my life. We all love you dearly and are elated that you are home. God knows how strong of a woman you are and he knows that it isn't your time. You too special to your family, friends, GMA family and to all of us who watch you ever morning knowing that voice and smiles of yours touches us in so many ways. Once again congratulations!!!

Nancy Oconnor

Robin God bless you and be with your during your recovery. Love you and miss your beautiful persona.

Gail Sherengos

To Robin,

Get well soon and good luck in your recovery!!


Mary Whittaker

Glad to hear you are feeling better and finally back home. Bless you and your family for the inspiration to give to so many others.

Kathleen S. DeFeo

Welcome home Robin! You are an amazing woman and such an inspiration to all.Get your rest ,miss seeing your smiling face in the morning.

Theresa Flannery

Dear Robin,
I have watched you on T.V. throughout your journey with this disease, and marvel at your courage! I wish you all the luck in the world and a speedy recovery! I can see you have so much to give the world! and you will!
I can only hope my son has the courage and fortitude to be like you in his life! Thanks again for the inspiration and God's strength to you always! Your friend and admirer.

Jeanne Falco

Been with you since before you became Co Anchor. Wishing you well and thinking of you. You look strong. Keep going. Praying for you. Jeanne Falco


Hi Robin,
We just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. I am glad your home for the Holidays and that you can share them with your family. Take care and look forward to seeing you back on the air really soon.

Carol Baird


Get well soon. I miss you on TV. I wish I had your positive look on life. You are a very strong woman. Hurry back

Beverly Hansen

So very happy for you, Robin. I am sure you will continue to get stronger with each passing day. Will continue to pray for you and your family. Feel better!


Wishing you well and prayers for your recovery. God bless you and keep you safe.

Wyona Purcell

Robin, I am so glad to hear and to see that you are out of the hospital and doing well. It is Gods will that you do. I have prayed that you do so.

God Bless You and Love You Always

Gail Gantt

Robin, I am so happy to hear of this mile stone in your journey to recovery. I miss you in the morning and look forward to seeing you soon with the crew. You are an inspiration to many. Regards Gail

Andrea B

Robin you have been thru so much these last couple of years and through it all you have shown grace and much strength you are such a wonderful role model god bless you and keep you keep fighting girl and I will always have your back

Tyrone Williams

Happy you are home. My best wishes for a speedy recovery so you can get back to us.


God be with you during your recovery! I look forward to your return to ABC!

Patricia McCauley

Dear Robin,
Wishing you lots of luck on your recovery!!!! Hope you are feeling better REAL soon!!!!! Hurry and get back!!!!

Marilyn Tarantino

Robin,Sooooooooooo happy for you!!! My family takes great joy in your progress as my sweet Mom had Myodisplasia disease but was not a candidate for transplant due to age and overall condition.When my family sees how well you are doing it gives us great happiness.We pray and wish the very best for you.Godspeed Robin ,You Go Girl!!!!!! The Duggan(maiden name)family is behind you all the way!!!!
Much Love,
Marilyn Duggan Tarantino

Carolyn Straka

I was glad to see you home and looking so healthy. I hope you have a full, uneventful recovery.
My husband had a stem cell transplant in may and had a bad time with the drugs but is now doing well. He received his own cells, but it is still a harrowing experience. Keep smiling.
Best wishes.

Scott K.

Robin, wishing you all good things from the west coast. You are truly one of the nicest people I've ever met. It was either 1990 or 1991 at the US Open, Flushing Meadows. You did not have a cell phone and waited patiently for what likely seemed like hours for just one pay phone so you could call in the updated tennis scores to ESPN. I was with a friend and asked you to take a pic with us. You kindly agreed even though you lost your place in the pay phone line. I have re-told the story many times. You no doubt deserve all the success you've achieved and I am always sending positive vibes your way. Best Regards, Scott K.

Doreen Romano

Robin you are an inspiration to everyone. Keep on fighting you will win. Wishing you a speedy recovery. We are all praying for you.

Betty McCauley

Dear Robin,
Good luck on your recovery, I will keep you in my prayers!!! Stay strong and do what the Doctors say!!!! And hurry back!!!!

Love Betty McCauley

Suzanne Silverstein


I watch your progress and with each update I admire your bravery and positive spirit. I wish you a quick recovery and hope each new day brings you greater mental, physical and spiritual strength. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

Thinking of you,




betsy marrero

Robin welcome home we miss you get better soon, May god bless you always!


Robin...the coming days, weeks and months will be challenging, but they will be the HEALING STEPPING STONES for your BRIGHTER, HEALTHIER FUTURE!!!

Wishing you all the best and I can't wait to see your smile on GMA!

Deborah Diaz

Hello Robin,

I have been following your faith filled walk through this emotional journey in your life and my prayers are with you my sister. For me you have replaced the sister I lost on July 4th of this year to Leiomyosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer and the support I see your sisters, loved ones and friends pouring on you, I sure wish I could have done that for my beloved sister Pamela, but she held onto the faith she had with her God and trusted only Him and told no one else what she was going through so although you don't know me I am the sister you never met and I am now doing for you what I couldn't do for her; praying and trusting God for Healing Power for you. I know right now she would have had the Prayer Line on fire praying for you.

I wish you all the best; keep the faith and know that God is the answer and like your sister has said several times to you "keep your vision on your healing and focus like a laser on that and not allow your mind to go hither and yonder". I know now that my sister kept her challenge very quiet as she wanted no one to be able to sway her thoughts and I truly respect her for that.

All the best Robin and a speedy recovery.



Stephanie Kwok

Welcome home Robin! Miss your smiling face on TV recently, but you looked great today when returning home. I'm sure your bed never felt so comfy.

All the best for a speedy and smooth recovery.



Praise God from whom all blessing flows: Robin I'm wishing you a speedy recoveryand I pray that you take your time before you get back into the public eyes. We all love you and may God graciously bless you always. Amen

Edith Adams

Welcome Home Robin!
May you have a speedy recovery.
You are a powerful example of a strong woman.
God is not ready for you yet because you are one of his best and gracious Angels.

You and I also share the same haircut.

I am looking forward to seeing you back at work you are truly a blessing to the world.

I am an dedicated every morning viewer.
I Love you and the entire Eyewitness NewsTeam you all are the best.
Thank you all for helping me to start my day.

Get plenty of rest and follow the Doctor's instructions the world needs you back stronger than ever.

You have the best Biological Sister in the world, give her a great big hug for me.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

Edith Adams, Dedicated Viewer Queens-bridge Houses, Long Island City NY

Dennis Sopko

Dear Robin,
From one bone marrow transplant recipient to another I'm wishing you nothing but success and patience during your recovery. I am 2 years out and counting. Please just follow the doctors orders and don't get impatient. I know how it feels to be under "house arrest", but in the end it is a great feeling to be out and among people. I was impatient but my care-giver, my wife, kept me grounded and following Dr's orders. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Yours in life,
Dennis Sopko

Tiera H

Welcome Home Robin! Keeping you in my prayers on your continued recovery. #TEAMROBIN

Tony Perez

Thank God my prayers have been answered and you are on the road to recovery. Can't wait to see you back on TV... but when you're ready.

Kelly McMillan

Hi Robin,
I enjoy watching channel 7 in the morning and seeing your face. I miss you and hope to see you fully recovered and in your seat next to George real soon. You are a strong woman considering all that you have been through with your health. My prayers are with you and your family. My condolences too. I know that we can't question God with his timing for your Mom to leave when you really needed her the most, but you can rest assure that she is with you in spirit. When you need her, just play her gospel songs and you will be comforted. Take care of yourself, eat rest and laugh. God bless!

Terri C

Robin you look awesome. With you positive outlook and fighting personality you will back to ABC where we can enjoy your wonderful beautiful knowledgable self again. I'm praying for your fast recovery.

Fredricka Thelwell

Amen Thank the good lord,you are home,Robin I pray to the God,to keep you and your family under is mighty wings,blessing always,We love you. Fredricka Thelwell

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