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Coupons on a first date

How would you react to someone using a coupon on a FIRST date?  A new survey revealed that 26 percent of people have used discount codes on a first date.  Eyewitness News wants to know
what you think.  Post your comments and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Maureen from Bayside, NY

I think a coupon on the first date is totally fine, it shows that your watching your money and thats a good thing in this economy, better in your pocket than theirs. The first dates need to stop being so stressful be comfortable and be yourself in the end thats who the other person will see anyway.


There wouldn't be a second date.

Lorene Farnsworth

There's a fine line between between thrifty and being cheap, using coupons on a first date crosses that line and sits firmly in the province of CHEAP.


Considering that the man is usually the one paying for the woman's time with him, I have no problem. Nowadays, one can easily find a way to hide discounted excursions. For example, buying a dinner for two at a swanky restaurant using AmazonLocal. Any woman complaining about the use of coupons should first remember that she is not paying anything.


i think it doeant matter unless he pais for it. But it would be still be a little werid. At least it shows that he is responsible and can save money.

Liza MacNamara

Been there, done that! Burger King coupons on a first date


If it was in a fast-food place, I wouldn't mind. But if it was in a fancy place, I'd be a little dissatisfied. I'd expect my date to pay the bill!

Mary Pannell

It shows that the person is financially conscious. That's a good thing

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