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Are you ready for back to school?

It's back to school this week for millions of children across the New York area.   Are you ready to send your children back to class?   What do you still need to do?   What do you dread the most or like the most about the start of the school?    Share your thoughts here and we may use them on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.


Bree B.

No - I'm not ready! My baby will be starting full-day kindergarten on Wed. and my oldest will be starting her last year in elementary school [than off to jr high!]! Where does the time go?!

Lisa R.

Yes I am looking forward to having my 1st day of school party! Nothing electronic will be on and I'll just sit and enjoy the QUIET!


I can't wait for school to start back, it feels like it took forever. Its time for kids to get back to school work. Is it Thursday yet, lol.

Laurie Gilmore

I enjoy having my kids home! As a teacher I am lucky enough to stay home with them these 2 precious months and enjoy summer activities together!


I believe that it is time for the kids to go back. I think that they should extend the school year. My kids need to have that structure back.


My kids started school last Wednesday! I am still not ready, can't wait until June! Erin Williston Park , NY


Absolutely!!! They are all ready to go back! I finally now get to rest for a while until their next long vacation.

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