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Top Consumer Complaints

What are your biggest consumer complaints?  A new list has been released of top consumer complaints including with automobiles, rents, and internet auctions.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (or complaints) below and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Mike Cornelia

Most people don't realize that consumer complaints are a great way to get constructive criticism or in other words, consulting services. Home Direct USA created a small sector for it's business that it deemed as Home Direct Complaints. This section was created to maintain and use consumer complaints that would help the company improve it's standards of service. Brilliant.

Donald booker

Ii don't understand , no person went to the a zone n the projects .i brought my mother food na cooler .n there's still no lights or heat. I have not seen one African American on tv.


My biggest gripe is the verizon fios/cable bill. They say the promotion is one price but once you sign up, the bill is $60 to $75 more. All hidden fees and taxes should be told to the consumer before they sign up.

miss theresa haase

my name is theresa haase i live in guttenberg new jersey, anyway my gripe about consumer prices is when you go to prices is to high like milk for example you pay milk at one store whe it says 2.99 dollars and a another stores says 3.00 it's not fair they should raise the prices on things like that


Misleading ads on TV, Radio, & Internet - and the complete failure of the state & federal gov't to ban them! If you have to spend money, it's not FREE!

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