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Formula in Hospitals

Should hospitals not offer new moms formula as an option to feed their newborn?  Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast-feed.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.



I think the mayor is stepping on slippery slope neither he or any hospital have considered this issue he probably just got up and threw a dart at a list of silly thing to do today and this one of them at. I think hospitals maybe opening themselves up to possible lawsuites trying to force the mayors choice on people and because he's the mayor he can get away with saying and thinking stupid things. Does anyone realize that New York has paid millions to settle law suites since this man has been mayor

Joanne Fariello

I personaly don't feel that it the mayors job to tell women that they should be breast feeding their infants. Last time I looked it wasn't a police state and women should have the free choice to choose on their own weather they want to breast or bottle feed,only they can decide what is best for them regardless of the benfits.Today most women have to return to work 6-8 weeks after delivery and some companies make them come in early to alot the time it would take from work day and others don't provide a proper place to pump. Maybe bloomburg would like to sit in some filty bathroom pumping but oh that right he's a man so what would he know about that or maybe even care. First it started with soda size now breastfeeding,what next. Oh and as for as the soda size that also should be your own chose.

Sue Cornell

This is absurd! Every woman has to weigh both sides and do what is best for them. Another sign of a male government trying to control what we do with our bodies!
Next time the Mayor gives birth and breast-feeds he can voice his opinion (but not force it on others.)

kathleen B

really! stop trying to run our lives with all the bans soda! now what to feed or not to feed our babies!. Stick to what you were paid for running the city


Mayor Bloomberg and his hospital minions need to save their nagging condemnation, embarrassing commands, and dictatorial attitudes for criminal child abuse felons, and leave new moms alone. Billions of children have thrived on formula. The lady who created the child, carried it for nine months, suffered to bring it into the world, and who'll be its primary caregiver is the only one who should say how she'll feed it. Limiting women's options this way? Deliberately wearing them down toward making a choice they might be uncomfortable with? That's a violation of their freedom. What a woman does with her breasts is no one's business but her own.

Susan P.

Whether to breastfeed or bottle feed is no one's business but the mother's. It is certainly none of King Bloomberg's business which one a woman chooses.

Jimmy Hill

Mayor Bloomberg should abstain from making choices for people. In this case it is a personal decision by the mother and should not be made by anyone but her!


What has happened to personal choice and the right to privacy and parent your own child? I chose to bottle feed my children for my own personal reasons. The requirement that formula be hidden away from new mothers and someone must come speak to you each and every time you request a bottle to feed your infant is borderline harassment. Women are forced to fight everyday to protect our rights. Whether you agree or disagree in the battle of breast feeding or bottle feeding, you should agree that it is an intrusion and invasion of privacy and should be out of the hands of the government.


It's none of his business.
If he wants to breast feed, that's fine, let him. He may find it problematic, painful, or he may not have enough milk. Then he'll probably go to the bottle.


fix potholes and don't worry about breast feeding


tell mayor bloomberg to get a broom and pick up garbage from the side of the roads instead of picking on maothers about breastfeeding

MaryAnn Gittens

Why does the mayor want to limit the freedom of choice of women? She should be given all options and it is her, personal decision. Gee, is this a continuation of the war on women. First, denial of contraception and mandated, vaginal ultrasounds,now this. All seemingly proposed by men. Hmmm maybe women should start legislating rules and laws for men especially politicians!


The mayor should not get involved with this decision. It is a very personal one that the parents should make. It can be difficult for a mother to nurse and I feel these "chats" that the mother will receive each time she asks for a bottle may add to the post-partum depression rate.


I think Mayor Bloomberg is a control freak. It is a very personal decision for a mother to make to bottle or breast feed and there is no room here for any man to try to make that decision for the mother. Mayor Bloomberg should stick to politics and stay out of people's personal lives.

ruth katz

I find the Mayor is a hypocrite. While he feels it not necessary to have an opinion about Chick Fil A and their opinion about same sex marriage, but he can spout this opinion about breastfeeding. I plan of trying to breastfeed when I give birth, but what if I can't? What if I had to go back to work right away? ( I'm a teacher). Utterly ridiculous!

Karen Young

The purpose of the US Constitution is to limit the power of the government, not the people. Maybe someone should remind the Mayor of that!


So basically, the new mother can drink a 16 oz Coke and then nurse her child because Bloomberg said she couldn't give her baby formula.


This is a free country and I think a woman has the right to choose, ultimately it is her body. Since when does the Mayor decide everything we do, from the size of drinks we can purchase to hospitals hiding formula..really?? Is NYC becoming a dictatorship?


What happened to FREEDOM in this country? Anyway, why are men regulating what women can or cannot do especially in the personal areas of birth control and beast feeding. I would have more respect for these policies if women made the decisions and NOT men.


As a mother of 2 week old twin girls i had decided to breast feed when i was pregnant but unfortunatly i was not able to see my daughters for the first 2 days due to a medical issue, so they were given formula. By the time i was able to see them and tried to breast feed they had already taken to the bottle because my breast milk wasnt coming out fast enough for them. I still try breast feeding but my body is not producing enough milk to feed them. How would Mr.Bloomberg liked for me to handle this situation? Should the hospital not of fed my babies and let them strave until I was able to see them? When Bloomberg gets a uterus and can grow breast then he can have a say. But for now Mr. Bloomberg mind your business and go sit down somewhere. This is none of your business. How dare you tell us women how we should feed ou babies. I have had enough of you trying to tell us what to eat, drink and now this. I truly can not believe that people voted for you to be in office again. ITS TME FOR YOU TO LEAVE OFFICE AND LEAVE US ALONE!!

Betty Moerschel

My first thought is, how interesting that Mayor Bloomberg feels himself capable to make such a decision for women he could never have any first hand experience about! However, the real question everyone should be asking themselves is, how many more citizen's fundamental rights is Mayor Bloomberg trying to remove or control? First, he claims supersize sodas are to blame for the health problems of our youth. Now, newborn babies are much healthier, in his opinion, if breast fed, so let's withhold formula in the hospital and force a mother to breast feed! I raised two children on formula who are quite healthy, thank you. Is he really that concerned with the health of the citizens of New York City, or does he have some other agenda? Are we all willing to let government become our controllers and decide the what, when, where, etc. of how we should live our lives? Suddenly, I feel we are bordering on communism. Next, government will be able to come into your home and see if you drink alcohol.

I say, shame on you, Mayor Bloomberg, for yet again sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and not taking aim on all the really big problems in your city. The citizens of this country, as well as New York, don't need more government telling us how to live our lives.


What does our Mayor have against formula? now he really is getting crazy!!!!

Karen Figueredo

I do not feel women should be practically forced to breastfeed. Although there are many benefits to breastfeeding, formula is not poison and the formulas of today are so advanced. It should be a decision made by the mother. I do not know why there is this constant issue of trying to control women and the decisions they make. If men could bear children, no one would ever tell them they would have to breastfeed.


I think this is a personal and sometimes medical choice. I had pre-eclampsia and the medication I took to control my blood pressure did not allow me to produce breast milk. So, from what I understand, I would be forced to try and breastfeed my daughter with no milk production. Meanwhile, my daughter is hungry and possibly not thriving.

Is he suggesting that addicted mothers should breastfeed their children while under the influence? That is a real possibility. Now, you have an addicted mother and child. Who helps in that situation when it would have been better to have the child take formula?

What about in the case of adoption? When the birth mother has legally given up her right to the child, she needs to pump and send her milk to the adoptive parents.

I would like to know who adivses the Mayor and do they really think outside the box when making these types of decisions.

Additionally, not everyone wants to breast feed, it's a personal choice and government should stay out of a family's decision to do what is best for their child.

Mayor Bloomberg needs to stop trying to control people's choices. Do some people make poor choices? Yes. But not everyone does, every decision is a choice and hopefully, you make the best one for you and your family.


When the mayor becomes able to breastfeed a child on his own, he will have the right to make that decision. For now, he should butt out of people's personal choices. Not every mother is able to successfully breastfeed.
Perhaps he should concentrate on running the city.

Cathi Stalter (Mt. Girl)

When I had my children (I was young...unlike today), a Nurse walked in, handed me my meds and told me they were, among other things, to dry up my milk, so my breasts wouldn't hurt...so I took them.
That, is as bad as hiding formula from a new Mother. Now, I am a Grandmother of 5 and my Daughter, a Mother of 2, is an RN, caring for Newborns and often, their Moms.
She spends countless hours coaching new Moms on breastfeeding...and not from across the room...up close and personal! Sometimes...it is just NOT possible for many different reasons. Mechanical, psychological, logistical and so on.
No woman, enjoying the wonder and excitement of Motherhood should be forced to do anything or made to feel less-than or inadaquate because they are not breastfeeding.
Generally, I like most of the Mayor's ideas...but this is "over the top" and downright frightening to me.

Barbara Wieder NNP-BC

While I appreciate Mayor Bloomberg's intent to make the city healthier, he should not be attempting to make medical decisions. Mothers are educated at the very least by hospital professionals at the time their babies are born. There are many factors that influence breast versus bottle. That is a mother's decision to make!!!

Patty Martinez

While I do know breastmilk is best, it is not the mayor's job to tell anyone what I can feed my child. When did he become a doctor or judge and jury for that matter? ANd, why does he care if a child has forumla when he makes it so easy for fast food chains to overrun our neighboroods and children?

Francesca a.

A woman should always have the option whether or not to breast feed. You can't force anyone to do something they may not believe in or feel comfortable with. Government should stay out of personal choice.


I think Bloomberg should stop trying to make choices for us this is not a communist country we have our own choices and an educated mind. Most of all he's never given birth so don't tell a woman what she should do with her body!!!


Hide the formula ? Obviouly Mayor Bloomberg in"t concerned about nutrition. WHile yes Breastfeeding is healthy, as a Mom of a breast -fed newborn who required formula to supplement poor weight gain is he going to monitor these new babies in their homes to ensure they are getting properly breast fed? WIll he also go into the homes and hide the cigarettes and liquor that could pass through the breast milk? Come on Mayor Bloomberg - get a new hobby and stop trying to micro-manage new Moms and babies !


I think Mayor Bloomberg should mind his own damn business. How would he like it if WE told HIM what to consume. Mothers should be given the option if they want to breast feed or not. This is a FREE country isn't it???


That should not be a decision that should be made by anyone else but new parents! I have a 4 month old and was not able to breastfeed. I was made to feel like a horrible mother becuse I could not produce breast milk. Without the introduction of formula by the wonderful doctors at my hospital, my daughter would not have been able to eat.


I think Mayor Bloomberg Shouldn't have a say in how or what a woman feeds her baby. That's not his decision to make or comment on. Until he can birth a baby of his own and go through what us women go through, I think he should keep his comments to himself and stop trying to enforce all of these stupid laws. And, most definitely stop trying to speak spanish. Please!!!!

Corina A

This is a start of taking our rights away, well rights we have left. As a man who will never go through the pain of giving birth than breast feeding afterwards of course he would not care. This is by far the most ignorant thing next to the amounts of soda we can drink. He says he is trying to make us healthier, hows about lowering prices of healthier foods so everyone has the option of being healthy, not only the 99% we eat what we can afford smart one. So clearly my answer is NO to this stupid question, idea of mayor Bloombergs. Something is not right in his brain.

elizabeth prokop

when the mayor breast feeds his first child,then he can comment. doesn't he have anything to do?


I'm getting really tired of this topic. Breastfeeding is a CHOICE that a new mom makes. Some new mothers are unable to breastfeed for many different reasons. I just gave birth to my son 8 weeks ago and he is a happy and healthy formula fed baby. In fact he was the only newborn in the hospital nursery that wasn't crying because he was well fed and satisfied.

P. Mclaughlin

Major Bloomberg should stay out of breast feeding issues. Mothers should have the right to choose their own method of feeding their baby not the government.

Donna S.

While it is believed that breast milk is best for baby, not all mothers can breastfeed for a variety of reasons. It is none of our Mayors business who breast feeds and who doesn't. Formula should be made available to all mothers regardless of whether they can or can't breastfeed.


I think that is ridiculous. Mayor Bloomberg is overstepping his ground. What happened to a woman's choice. That decision should be made by her not the mayor.


Emporer Bloomberg is at it again , trying to control everything we do. Does he not realize how hurtful and insulting he is to women that must make the decision not to breast feed.He should stay out of the peoples personals and worry about all of the shootings and stabbings going on in the streets of NY.

Sue D.

Feeding a newborn is a personal and individual choice, one for the parents to make, not for the hospital to decide.


I think it is a disgusting approach. not all new moms have the ability to breastfeed, and not offering formula is making these moms feel guilty for a decision that may not be in their control to make.


Mayor Bloomberg has officially gone over the top. What makes him think that he can make that choice for a new mom and her baby? I say - let him have a baby first and then he has a right to comment.

William Holahan

The first option should be to try breast feeding. There will always be formula on hand; the immediate well being of the baby is not being compromised. The hospital probably over charges for the formula.


With my daughter, I got a horrible breast infection in both breasts from feeding. I had a 105* fever, aches, and pains and a three week old infant. If
I choose to have another child, I will not even consider breast feeding. Women should be able to make that choice on their own and in no way be swayed by the hospital.


Who does he think he is telling moms what to do when it comes to there baby. This is america and he is trying to take away our freedom to choose. He should pay attention to what's important to the city not how to feed our babies. It's a mother's choice not his.


This is a choice a new mother should make just like the choices Bloomberg made for himself not to smoke, drink soda or grow any taller.

Debbie S

I think every new mother has the right to decide! Not be told this is what should be done. Bloomberg never breast fed he should not decide for new mothers!!!


I don't believe formula should be locked away. I wanted to breastfeed and tried. I ended up getting very ill with mastitis in the hospital and came close to dying. Women should be able to have a choice, yes. But not a forced choice.


I say let the new mother choose which way the wanna feed there newborn. the Mayor needs to back off. like he did with the soda only 16 oz . what he think we cant buy then 2 sodas. this country of ours is becoming more and more communist everyday , when we are told what we can do and not do.


No, hospitals should NOT hold formula. Many women are unable to nurse (particularly older moms) or women with larger babies need to supplement nursing with formula. What happened to having a choice as a woman. While there are benefits to nursing, some moms are just unable.


Hospitals should give moms both options.


Mayor Bloomberg can have something to say about breastfeeding when he can get pregnant. Until then,let Nanny Mike mind his own business!


Of course, they should provide formula, since when does mayor mikey have the right to decide how i choose to feed my child? This is strictly up to the mother, not the mayor or the hospital. Every expectant mother should boycott NYC hospitals.


Bloomberg is out of control!

Dee Holiday

I think when Mayor Bloomberg becomes a new mother and trys breastfeeding for the first time, then he can speak on whether it should be forced on a new mother. Why are politicians taking away freedom of choice. If you are uneasy about breastfeeding for the first time it can be traumatic for both mother and baby. Breastfeeding is not for everyone, it should be a choice, not a forced issue.

Ben, Middletown, NJ

I don't think its the Mayor's place to decide for a mother what the baby should get. I think both options should be provided along with the benefits. It should be the mother (and father) who ultimately make the decision. What's next for the mayor to decide, circumcisions?


Last time I checked this was a free country! Mr. Mayor butt out!

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