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Decision day for Knicks and Lin

Today is deadline day for the New York Knicks on whether or not to keep Jeremy Lin. What do you think they should do? Post your comments and they could appear on Eyewitness News.



The NY Knicks should keep Jeremy Lin. The Knicks were riding into the sunset until Lin came and got the team into the play offs. If Lin plays for the Rockets, then let him shine. Lin deserves every dollar he earns. Best wishes to Lin.

The Rockets didn't give him a chance to play in the NBA, now let's see if
they will let him shine.

As for sleeping on his brother's couch, he wasn't getting $700,000 a year from
the New York Knicks yet.

Dan Aronesty

We've got to keep Lin. He brought more excitement to the Knicks in the 30 some odd games he played than they had all season. He's a catalyst for great things to come.
On the other hand, he owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to the NY fans. We gave him the opportunity to shine. He should remember that.


The Knicks should keep Lin, I'm tired of seeing them fall short every season when they are more than capable of making it passed the 1st round in the Finals. Also, I'm tired of them passing up opportunities that will benefit the team. Lin isn't even in his prime yet! He just came onto the NY scene with a blast! Jersey's and T-shirts sold like crazy, NY is LinSane for Jeremy! Keep him! Pay for him! Some players aren't worth the money they are getting paid for from a particular team,they're talents are hyped up and then they choke when they are expected to perform the most! But I highly doubt Lin will disappoint. He has something a lot of professional athletes in general don't have anymore and that's heart. He loves the sport, and he appeared out of no where with his talents. Who would've thought a Harvard Grad. could become an icon for NY Basketball?? KEEP LIN!!!


Let him go! Sounds like there was some double-dealing here.

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