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Colorado Shooting and Your Anxiety

The horrific and tragic deadly shooting in Colorado happened during a midnight showing of one of the summer's most anticipated blockbusters, and there are even reports that the shooter may have been imitating a scene out of a Batman comic book. Will this incident alter your plans for the weekend? Were you planning on seeing the film, and are you worried about copycat shooters? Are you more anxious to visit public places?


Mike Campbell

This was a terrible incident. I believe we should all do our part to identify people with mental disorders and offer the help they need.


This is the devils world now. He is running this evil world. The devil would be happy to see that he can take many people with him. We choose our fates. God gave us freedon of choice. We either take the good road or the bad road. Unfortunaltely,James Holmes chose to go the devils way. Now he must either repent or go to hell and suffer the agony forever. This applies to all of us.


This was a one-time event conducted by a lunatic in a country of 300 million people. So, no, it will not change my personal behavior one bit. It will, however, generate yet another round of attempts to impose further restrictions on my personal liberties from the bizarre (wearing a mask to a theater) to fundamental (gun control). It will also provide grist for a week of sensational, hyperventilating media coverage which would otherwise have me fearing for my life the next time I go see a movie.


The only change the Colorado shooting will have on me tonight and this weekend, is to be more attentive during martial arts class. As a New Yorker, I am always vigilant of my surroundings. Just the way it is here.

Lisa Van

My twelve year old son has tickets for tonight's show I wanted to talk to him about what happened but by the time I came home from work he already knew. He seemed very sad and worried. I told him we can't let fear keep us from living our lives. So he is on this way to the movies now, he and his friends have been counting the days until the release. But to be honest I am anxious and will be glad when he walks through the door tonight.

Mike Barone Morristown NJ

It doesnt make me want to cancel my weekend plans, but I will be more aware of my surroundings when I am out. My prayers go out to the victims, friends, and family of this horrible event


This will not change my weekend plans but it will change how I feel about going to the movies,mall or sports stadiums. I am not afraid of copycats. It is just another adjustment in out lives that sadly is becoming the way of the world. I could not hug my kids enough today!

bobby bains

It could be make me and more people anxious because who knows it could be like another terror attack.


It makes me want to take a tract from Christians and heed to the message... that it is appointed for man once to die and then face judgement by God face to face. And that God is a good judge which will judge us all based our sin we commit everyday... the 10 commandments were given to show us what sin is and that we cannot keep it. Jesus Christ died to pay for our sins and have the wrath of God poured out on him instead of us and He arose from the dead defeating death. This Colorado incident shows me that my life must be right with God today, because death comes without a notice! Thanks for showing my entire comment. I watch your news program everyday.

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