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Supreme Court upholds health care law

What is your reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Obama health care law? Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Fred Schultze

i am glad they upheld the health care law this is a good law and the cry baby republicans should grow up and except that .it is about time everyone in the country has decent health care .this election is going to the democrats


This is a victory for all Americans interested in doing the right thing vs being political. As a RN it is truly pathetic seeing patients come in the ER when they are gravely ill. If they had health insurance they would be able to see a physician before becoming so ill. The American Nurses Assn applauds the Supreme Court decision and the american public would too if they saw what we do on a daily basis

Caryl Diana

What happens if your unemployed and unemployment has run out, what happens then?


no one is gong to strong arm me from chooseing my own doctor
my mom depends on her own doctor and the history on her health he has on her with prascribed medican to stay alive so this health plan will not work there. and who the hell do these people in the offices think they are to decide for us by making it a law..
i flatly refuse to obay that law. if it was not for the doctor taking care of mom she would not be alive today. this plan will get not a penny out of me


Quit your complaining!!!!! Do some research before you make a fool of yourself. This healthcare reform is going to help all Americans!!!!


There are and quite a few persons on this site who are against the affordable healthcare act because they would prefer to continue freeloading off those who pay inflated insurance premiums; inflated by the freeloaders who don't pay their own way. What you're defending is freeloading. These are the same persons who would in turn deny healthcare, food and lodging to the disadvantaged, ironically calling them freeloaders; in other words hypocritical Republicans.

To those who have lost their jobs, there are safety nets to assist; the same safety nets the Republicans would also do away with!


Welcome to the United Socialists States of America. If the filth in Washington wants me to have insurance they should make sure we are all working and on payday there filthy hands are OUT of my paycheck!!! Are they prepared to put those who cannot afford insurance due to persistent unemployment in Jail!!!


Re: Supreme Court Decision on Healthcare.

We all pay higher insurance premiums to cover the costs of those who have no insurance. It's about time that all American's own up to their own responcibilities and pay their own way.


Everyone needs health insurance. People who don't have insurance don't take care of themselves anyway. Then when they get sick $1000's are spent from tax payer dollars to bring them back to health.

Ramona Jenkins

I'm with Obama and his decision its about time we as low class to no class are getting help the help we "well" deserve.


It is unfair as, my spouse and I are both unemployed and are full time seeking employment for almost a year. Can't afford to pay for health care as we can barely afford our mortgage. I no longer get unemployment and we have 3 kids. NJ will only cover my daughter for healthcare which will cost us over $50 a month. We are barely holding things together and now we will be forced to get health care how? or lose our home.


I think this country should go back to the way things were in the 70s & 80s, where everyone had coverage as long as u had a job...The Republicans & The Democrats should get their shit together and put the american people first for a change, and support our president no matter what..We look like azzes across the seas...


It's about time the USA got healthcare. We are only the last civilized nation to do so !


What a abomination! It is time to move to an openly socialist country like Canada, which has socialized medicine and get the hell out of this totalitarian dictatorship that we pretend is a democracy! I don’t care if Romney is going to baptize everyone in the country and make them mormans – Obama, Schumer, & Gillibrand, and the rest of the yahoos are gone. I am sick of being raped by the liberals!


I am not happy with the requiremnt that we must buy health insurance or face a penalty. The problem is that for many Americans who are out of work and are in danger of losing their homes will face a penalty. For older Americans does that men that they will be allowed to die because the cost of keeping them alive is too high or for the baby who needs a life-saving operation their parents will be told Sorry Charlie the cost is too high. They should have expanded the Medicare system to cover every Americab.

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