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The Power of First Impressions

A new study illustrated how we judge people's personalities, status and political views based on something as simple as their shoes. The study also checked the correlations to real personality traits by showing study participants pictures of people's shoes and asking them to predict things about the wearer. So we want to know, how much stock do you put in first impressions? Do you trust your gut and make decisions based on them? Or do you keep an open mind just in case your instincts mislead you? Let us know your thoughts, and your response could end up on Eyewitness News.



it is foolosh to think what you see is what you get. You can have discernment about the spirit of a person but I used to rent for an extrodinarily wealthy man who flew his own plane to Paris several times a year, owned most of silicon valley's blocks and buildings yet fixed his own roofs of his buildings at 75,wore a straw hat and blue jeans, work boots, button up cotton shirt and drove an old el camino. He told me once, "you see all these people driving in their fancy cars and sporting all this designer stuff?,...its bought on credit- so, they don't own shit. Those that have it do not have to flaunt it to everyday society. Remember that. Don't be dumb with your money" And I always did remember that. Turns out he owns some wineries in Napa (I found out later.) He was an awesome mentor. And by the looks of it you wouldn't know he is filthy rich.

Dawn Sorbo

Yes, everytime my mom has met one of my boyfriends, she can tell me right away why this person is not right for me and has never been wrong. This time she thinks he's the one and I completely agree !

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