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What do you base a tip on?

What do you base what you  tip a waiter or waitress on?  A new French study finds red lipstick may help to enhance the amount of a tip.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Teresa Reeves

I will tip 20-25% every time if service (especially being attentive) is shown. If I have to flag down another waiter/waitress to get what I need I will tip less.

Bruce Reinhard

I base my tip on the server’s performance, customer relations & attentiveness. I will not blame he or she if the service is slow, that may depend on the kitchen load. I usually give 15 to 20%...

ken carson

I start out with 30% if i ask for 1 thing i leave 20% if i ask for 2 things i leave 10% if i have yo ask for 3 things i leave 0%.


I base my tip on the job of my server, unless gratuity is already included.

Virginia Toledo

I base my tips on attitude...friendliness, and service. Of course if by chance it's a handsome male...he might get a little extra for his good looks....

Lori Ann

I base my tip on 20% of the total cost of the bill. Waiter/Waitresses don't make much per hour wages and depend on the tips...


I work on tips and appreciate it when I give good service and get a good tip. It makes me upset when I do my best and get a bad tip. I always give a good tip no matter what because I know how it feels to be in the persons shoes.

miss theresa haase

time is 2:27pm my name is theresa haase i give a good tip however i'm if i go with anyone to a restarant i spit the bill withover is with me at the restarant

Su Lynn

My tips are based totally on service.

Elaine Spuma

Service and attentiveness is soooooooo important - refilling my soda or cocktail in a timely manner.....lol

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