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Sugar drink ban proposal

What are your thoughts on the proposal to ban extra large sugary drinks in New York City?  Post your comments and they could appear on Eyewitness News.



What Questions do you have about the dangers in the drinks?




Joyce Glenn

I am 65 Years Young and I think I know what is best for Me. I appreciate the mayor's concern for my health but I think he has bigger things on his plate. I hope on a hot day in August he isn't caught one ounce short of soda in a sixteen ounce cup.

Jeff S

So much for sharing a coke (20 oz). Govt needs to set priorities. No ban on selling cigarettes or alcohol? Too much money lost for govt. if the govt is really concerned with our health, why not allow a tax credit or incentive on health memberships. Instead, NJ added a tax on health club memberships! Stop telling everyone what to do and give incentives to get healthy.


Are we living in some communist country like China? The last time I remember we live in the United States of America. We do have the right to choose what we want to drink. Who's does Mayor Bloomberg think he is anyway? It's not my fault some people are too lazy to exercise. If I want to drink a Super Size drink then it's my right to do so.


This is just another thing the mayor wants to control. He is a control freak. It should not be his choice or decision on what we eat or drink. I would think that being the mayor of one of the biggest cities that he would have more important things to oversee and get done, not what people are consuming.

Lorrie W

The Mayor of NY's Gvernment is becoming more and more a dictatorship. He's always stepping on our civil liberty rights and should be stopped. I implore everyone not to let him get away with this!

Doris Copeland

Mayor Bloomberg, Instead of trying to control the consumer, why not control the FDA and Big Business on producing healthier foods and drinks?


Smoking pollutes the air I breathe and makes me ingest toxins against my wishes. Alcohol and drugs may lead to behavior that puts me in danger. Soda does no harm beyond the person drinking it. That is what takes this out of public health and into personal liberty.


I think the government needs to stay out of our lives. Are we not smart enough to choose what we eat and drink? What is next, how many times we eat a day? And what we eat at home, and how much?


The real problem is the high fructose corn syrup in all packaged foods, this needs to be removed. We need laws to make sure our "food" is actually nutrious food and not full of cheap fillers, that would be a much better place to start than an attempt to limit the size of a drink. FDA needs to go to health!

Regina M.  Queens

Although I appreciate the Mayors good intentions regarding the health of New Yorkers, I would rather have his attention aimed in more important directions - like the condition of the pavement on my street or the "club like parties" going on until 5 o'clock in the morning in my neighborhood. Let parents parent - let adults make there own decisions.
Regina - Queens Village

Beverly Kerwin

I'm an adult; I don't need anyone, elected official or otherwise, telling me what I should drink or how much. Banning these drinks is not going to decrease the number of obese or unhealthy people; if they can't buy what they want while they're out, they'll just have it at home. Doesn't the government have other, far more important, things to worry about?


To me it's plain stupid because New York City has become so focused that obesity is caused by sugary drinks. Its not just sugary drinks that driving obesity. It's also lack of exercise and eating lots of fast food and junk food. And the city doesn't have the right to limit on how many ounces the cup should be.


Honestly,who cares who drinks what....lets worry about our school closings and fire department closing.

Dawn in Massapequa,NY

My husband drinks a lot more then I do so instead of buying 2 drinks we purchase only 1 large drink to share since it is a lot easier to just carry 1 large drink then end up throwing out and waisting my drink that I almost never finnish. I am an adult, that should be up to me not the mayor.


I am a diabetic and I know now I have this disease because of my choices. I'snt this what fighting the establishment is all about? keeping our choices. This same establishment was in their 20's in the 60's, now they are saying ban this and ban that? People need to make better choices in their own lives, things that affect the health of others because of what one individual does, ban those things. Do Not ban the freedom of choice!


Personally I do not drink soda BUT I do think that the Mayor should mind his own business and run the City.The Mayor is getting too personally involved in other peoples lives and pushing his beliefs on us. People should be able to make their own decisions about their own lives. If they want to drink soda, water, tea or whatever they should be able to do so. Thank God he will NOT be reelected by the City he has to go!!!!

Maggie Gross

I think that what Mayor Bloomberg is trying to achieve is a good thing. However i think he is going about it the wrong way. If there were more affordable healthy options for people to eat maybe more people would be encouraged to eat healthy. But as we all know healthy organic food is alot more expensive then junk food,so some people cant afford to eat healthy.
Maybe the Mayor should try and give some incentives to the companies that sell here in the city to lower the prices on organic and healthy food. That might work better than banning what people choose to eat. I think people would feel that they are still in control of what they eat and will be more receptive to the advice from the Mayor.


Bloomberg has lost it. He is turning NY into a Communist State. Could he find something else to worry about. The gangs, kids on drugs,homeless, Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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