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High School Condoms

Is it a good idea for high school’s to hand out condoms before prom?  A Brooklyn high school is doing just that.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.





We all know that some of the couples will probably have sex after the prom. Handing out condoms seems like some sort of approval. I think making them available all of the time would be more appropriate. Dispensers in the men's rooms or the girls bathrooms could be a way to stop unwanted pregnancies and STDs in our schools. Telling kids not to have sex hasn't ever worked in the past, why should we think it will start working now?

frances garcia

I do not think it's a good idea to give condoms out at a prom, because all kids ain't having sex and that is something for their parents to do


Parents who think that their child will not engage in such activity at a mixed-gender after-prom house are in denial. Granted there are kids who won't engage in that way, but the majority either have sex or drink themselves stupid on those weekends. Allowing your child to go to these houses is a signal to them that as a parent you condone or at least accept this behaviour. As someone who works in schools and hears pre-prom plans and after-prom stories I can safely state that this is what goes on with the majority of these kids whether parents want to believe it or not.

Barbara Tenke-Niles

Do I approve? Hell no! If anything, it encourages these kids....well, why not do it? Sorry, I am old-fashioned and this is so wrong!! Barb


I think it's oke, because they are on the side of safety and those who may have plans to over- partying that night. Safety is the number one priority.


Parents today commonly let their kids go to after-prom houses for the weekend and in essence are already agreeing to their children having sex. The school is at least choosing to be proactive in response to the allowance by parents for these children to go and do it anyway. By providing condoms the school seeking to provide their students with a degree of protection that the parents have neglected.

Carolyn B

I think it would be very wise to hand out condoms at the prom. There are so many teen pregnancies and I think that leads to an overwhelming amount of unwanted children in the foster care system. So if these pregnancies can be prevented I think it is a great idea. Teenagers are going to have sex regardless if condoms are handed out so why not protect our kids


Being a HS senior, I know that at my prom there will be a lot of sexual tension. Friends have already talked about what they are "doing after" the prom. Condoms should be put in the school and parents should not have a say. In this say and age, it comes to no surprise that these things happen.

Samuel Hart

Many of the kids are going to be having sex at or after prom no matter what anyone does so wouldn't you rather them be safe than end up with a baby in high school?


Yes condoms should be given out, parents want there children to be safe. They aren't promoting sex they are promoting SAFE SEX


No, i think its sends out the wrong message.

divina canares

the best defense is the good morality of having no sex at all. giving away condoms means sex is okay so be safe. if they get sick it's their fault because it's only for the married couple.


I feel its a good idea, it shows concern coming from the school, but i do think that the students should be able by now to make that important decision on their own.

David Brooks

Seriously..? Is a room key to a local motel included? Where are the parents on this...?

Jackie Dennis

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! It's better to be safe than sorry!!!

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