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Airline surcharge to fly with family

Airlines are reserving a growing number of window and aisle seats for passengers willing to pay extra. That's helping to boost revenue, but also making it harder for friends and family members who don't pay the fee to sit next to each other. At the peak of the summer travel season, it might be nearly impossible. So we want to know, would you be willing to pay extra money to fly with your travel companions? Or just say goodbye and the gate and see you when we land? Let us know your thoughts, and your response could end up on Eyewitness News.

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clyde smith

far to easy.

val garingalao

Soon airlines will charge you if you want to be close or far from the restrooms. what else can they think of?


As a mom of three young children,I would pay the extra money to keep my family altogether and provide my peace of mind. What a chokehold the airlines would put on families!


I think its a shame that the airlines r doin this 2 get extra cash!! This is y I don't fly anymore!! I take the train even if it takes a lot longer!! No extra fees!!

john henna

i think no because we are going to the same place.So I don't want to waste my money just to be with my family. I Wlll still love

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