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Workplace Lottery Pools

Will you still enter lottery pools in the workplace?  Reports out of Maryland are one of the Mega Millions winners bought her own ticket (the winning one) in addition to tickets she purchased for co-workers.  Now a big legal fight could be in the works. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think. Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I think the members of a pool should sign the back of the ticket after it is bought BUT before the drawing. And you need someone with INTEGRITY to hold the ticket.


I think she should have had everyone sign the back of the ticket and then make everyone a copy of the dam ticket oh we'll lesson learned...PS, she won so much money , definitely! share!! With your coworker why not !!!! Don't be greedy .


We used to get the same lottery numbers every week-another way to make sure that those numbers belonged to the "group."


I will continue to participate in office lottery pools. Whenever we play, the tickets are photocopied and distributed with a list of names of those participating.


I've joined office pools for the lottery. Especially when it's high and you dont really want to spend a lot of money. I join in about six people depending on the jackpot.

Cheryl Reilly

I will definitely continue to participate in the lottery at work. My co-worker who runs the pool keeps a list of people who contribute, sends out reminders and makes copies of the tickets she purchased with our money. We are still waiting to win, so I will continue to play until that day comes.

Su Lynn

Of course! Being in a pool does not preclude you from buying tickets for yourself!

However, if I had to buy tickets for a lottery pool, I would not purchase my personal tickets at the same place or the same time.


I ran a pool I had 25 people at $2.00 per person we had 50 tickets and everyone had a copy of every ticket. As long as you have copies of all the tickets and close the pool out by a certain time nothing can go wrong. Whatever tickets are your own is exactly your own. Everyone has a copy of all the tickets in the pool so they can just review and see what numbers the pool had. It is fun and exciting in a pool and a chance for the money to be split within your work place. To start off with bad karma will only bring you bad luck.

Bobby BAins

I would do it with my friends if I can.

Helen Bentley

I do play in a group at my job and will continue to do so. We buy the tickets,make copies and then put them away in the office. If we hit we have to wait until the next day when we are all together to see the original tickets. That is how it should be done. A few cents more for copies stops all the fighting and everyone is still friends. If I had hit the BIG ONE I would have shared the money anyway. What would you do with that kind of money.


I would still enter an office pool yes, but there would be major rules that would apply. one rule would be, no personal tickets brought @ work while you are in the office pool. at home you can do what you want. The second major rule is one person in the pool buys the tickets,another person in the pool holds the tickets. I believe this could help to keep it honest, and that works. also if all the #'s are written down from the tickets immediately, everyone will know if the pool tickets won. thank you. judy in brooklyn,

Norma Rodgers

Will you still enter lottery pools in the workplace?
Yes, I would still enter workplace lottery pools. They are fun and exciting, Listening to everyone dreams.
The key to successful pool is as follows. 1) write down the name, amount and date of everyone that is participating in the pool. 2) Make copies of the lottery tickets and give everyone in the lottery pool a copy of the tickets and names of those involved. 3)Let everyone know verbally and in writting that you will also be purchasing your own tickets seperate from the job pool. If possible ether have a family member purchase your tickets or purchase them on a differt day then the jobs lottery pool.
Although I work from home now, in the past when I worked in the hospital we followed the rules above. I made everyone aware up front of th rules of participating. Everyone had copies of the tickets each week.

Theresa M.

We used to collect the money two days before the lottery drawing. The ticket/tickets would be photocopied for each person who was in the pool. Each photocopy was then signed by the ticket holder this way everyone knew what the numbers were and could lay claim to any winnings by having a signed photocopy of the ticket. There was one problem with this....we never won!


Ya gotta wonder about some people. Whoever purchases the tickets for our office pool scans them and emails to all participants prior to the drawing; then there is no question about who the winning ticket belongs to. What is wrong with these people!!!!

Nathaniel Martin

I currently do a pool at my job every time there is a big enough jackpot for my coworkers and myself to split,however when I purchase the tickets i first make a copy of all of the tickets then on that first copy I write all the people's names that's in the pool and give them out to everyone's name that's in our pool,that way if I win there will be no problems or discrepancies about if i'm a winner or if we are winners.

gail condia

we had a pool and the person running it had everyones utmost trust. He would collect the money, purchase the tickets, make copies of all the tickets and give everyone a copy. He also bought seperate tickets for himself and anyone else who wanted additiional tickets. The pool ended when he retired.


Office pools can work great! As long as everyone involved gets copies of all tickets purchased. Make sure the one buying is trusted by all!


Yes I'd still join w/co-workers as long as everyt5hing was put in writing & initialed by those involved. The person chosen to purchase tiks must agree not to purchase solo tik for themselves at the same time


No i would not.

Tom Guerin

Yes I would...we always do. We are honest people and would not lie, or cheat co-workers. When we buy for the pool, we copy the tickets and give them out to everyone in the pool, so that there are no problems. Otherwise, everyone thinks that they won also. We keep personal tickets separate....but the people in the pool have copies of the tickets we bought for them.

Tom in Keyport

cindy in Jersey

Sure,but how many times will this happen before learn to only enter pools that provide copies of group tickets and a list of players. This simple things protect everyone.


Yes, I would. As long as I rec'd copies of the lottery tickets that were purchased. That is what we do in our office. The person buys the lottery tickets. They make the copies and each person gets a copy of them so there is no problem of the buyer getting to claim any ticket for him or herself.




Cause 20million just isn't enough~lol

Tracy Ambrose

Did she make copies of the tickets for each co-worker??? If not, this will be a lesson learned the hard way. At work we make copies & each of us get one, If we choose to get a ticket of our own then we can. It's not on the copy, it's ours!

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