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Punishing your child on Facebook

How has punishing your kids changed with the growth of social media?  An Ohio woman created a Facebook profile picture with an X over her daughter’s mouth because she said her daughter was being disrespectful. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4.



Anyone who is the parent of a teenager or recalls what it is like to be a teenager knows the type of disrespect she displayed on her facebook page. She in all likelihood humiliated her mother with explicit comments. Anyone with an internet connection can view that. People assume only their friends are able to view their thoughts. One must be careful what they post on the social media sites...WORLD WIDE web. She publicly humiliated her mother and herself with her blatant disrespect. I applaud her mother. Her mother knew the only way to reach her child was to do exactly what she did.


what this lady did is totally wrong, shoulda been dealt with privately at home, if you embarrass anything on facebook, it should be sucky sports teams like the steroid usin, cheatin New York Yankees


I see nothing wrong with what this mother did. Kids are running wild these days and need some type of restraint from acting disrespectful. I was never allowed to act the way children do today. With social media involved, parents are afraid to speak up and correct the children for fear of reprisals from "do-gooders". We have far too much interference in our lives today and do not need social media dictating the way we correct our childen.

Lynne Fowler

I give this mom kudos. Too many kids today have no idea how to respect other people. This girl will remember this punishment and learn from it.


The mother wanted to punish her daughter because she was acting immature,but she what 40 something and is putting her and her daughters business on a public site? She's being just as immature,I don't believe that the punishment is right,just take get cell and computer away!

Maria DeLuccia

Before social media you could send your child or teen to their rooms to think about what they did. Today doing that is like giving them a treat. Technology is good to use to learn but when it becomes a tool for bad use, it should be monitored by parents. Parents need to know what their kids are doing, not just take their word for it.


When I was a kid...my parents punished me by not allowing me to watch Oprah.


I would love to have oprah teach my child how to behave. I'm sure there would be no problems,

miss theresa haase

time is 12:15pm date is 4-26-2012 i think it's okay to let go into social media but let me be careful what they write the parents should see what they write about that is my opinion

Teresa Reeves

I would never punish my child by demoralizing or humiliating them. It should be a family matter and not posted on Facebook.

Teresa Reeves

Taking away computer access is no longer easy. They can use their friend's gadgets, school computer, etc. You block their e-mail account or FB account and they creat others you never know about. It is beyond control anymore. For those of us parents who control our children's usage - they can go elsewhere and borrow a friend's IPOD during a punishment and get wireless connections that are unsecured. It's extremely scary anymore.

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