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Protecting your electronics

We’ve all learned how to protect our wallets, so what steps do you take to protect your electronics? iPhone, iPad, Playstations, etc...  A new report says subway crime of electronics is on the rise.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4.


Crystal Oscillator

You can protect your electronic devices and gadget if you have maintenance, you should always check the condition of your gadget if still good or not.

Bill (carmel NY)

Not only in NYC, but in any city, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Keep devices concealed when not in use. Make sure devices are secured and stay alert. Don't make yourself an easy target.


Use your device inside your bag if you have one. Don't take it out on the subway platform or train, if you want to keep it. If they can't see it, they won't know what you've got and try to steal it. Also, don't use the white earphones that come with Apple products because Apple products are the most popular stolen items. Always be aware of your surroundings. Thieves are working in groups now. One will warn another that you have an iPhone as you are coming down subway stairs so don't have it in your hand!

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