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Eating together as a family

How often do you sit down and have family meals?  Why or why not?  New research suggests that families that eat together may be healthier.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.






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With everyones busy schedules we don't eat together as a family every night like we did when I was younger. But we make sure to have at least two family meals every week. All of us kids and our parents have a meal together, no phone or anything electronic. Everyone participates in cooking something for one of the two meals. We spend the whole meal talking about what we are doing, current events, etc. This really helps keep us bonded as a family. And we are all very close because of this and that we used to do it every night when I was younger. These meals help us communicate and bond with each other and help us maintain a health family


I ate with my parents every night of the week in the 1950s. I have my own family and, we too, eat together most evenings. We often adjust dinner time to accommodate the kids schedules, but we always try to sit down as a family to discuss the day's events.

Stephanie johnson

We usually eat together once or two times a week, other days someone brings home the food and go in our own parts of the house I wish I knew why we can't always eat like a family.

Zac Baccaro

My family eats dinner together everynight! Sports, meetings, and rehearsals are an exception, though. We share our days including school, work, and just everyday hangouts! It really unifies our family and brings us together! I love them:)

Danielle Weisbord

I am now 18 and I have been eating dinner with my family for almost every night for as long as I can remember. Sitting down as a family for dinner gives us time to talk and bond. Therefore, I believe this is the reason why my family is so close. And I plan to do the same with my family in the future to keep a close bond with everyone in the family.


Dinner together as a family happens at the least 4 days of the week. This is OUR "FACE" time & we will not allow phone calls or other electronics at the table. This is our time to "connect live" with each other as to what is happening or has happened each day. It is a MUST to keep families on an even keel.

geraldine pollice

My family eats together every night. My husband and I were brought up this way and this is the way we are raising our boys. Its a great way to communicate with each other. Even though our boys are young. (They are 4 and 11 years old)....we feel that this will teach them a tradition that our families taught us. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Jill Irwin

We cook dinner almost every night, and try to eat with extended family once a week. It is important to have dinner together, even though we all work and have after school activities. Sometimes not everyone can join us, but we try to make sure that the one who has to eat separately does not eat alone! We also make sure to only do takeout once a week (mom's night off!)

Paul Lamboglia

I'm single never married 43,and I don't have dinner with family because
most of them moved out of state.


monday to friday we always ate as a family and now at 21 and 22 yrs of age when their home from college or work we still eat as a family it is our time to talk and reminisce

Dawn Benson

We sit down every night for dinner. I cook most nights but even if we order in we all sit down together. It's important family time. We greatly enjoy the time together whether before or after our daily activities.


It is only me and my wife, but we eat dinner every night together. We have been doing it for 24 yrs now. Always did it as a kid

Dylan H.

Yes, we eat together 7 days a week weather we are cooking or bringing home takeout. It is important for us to all be together at least once a day.

Rich Higgins

When the kids were younger we ate together for every meal, but with them older(22 is the youngest) we might eat together two or three times a month.

Lori G.

We are fortunate to eat most meals together as a family. I work full time and I try to plan our meals around our hectic schedule. We will either try to eat together before any activities (sports or academic) or sometimes we will wait until later. I know it's important to eat as a family so we try to as much as possible. However, there are some nights where it just doesn't work out and we have to eat seperately. You gotta be flexible!

antonietta tirro

I do agree that eating together as a family brings you closer, healthier, and more loving towards each other...We eat as a family every night, 7 days a week and my children say they will carry on this tradition with their own families too....

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