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Does the G-Spot exist?

Do you think the g-spot exists? In a new study to be published Wednesday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a researcher claims to have conclusively located the elusive G-spot. Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.




yes the G-Spot exist. mine gets touched all the time with my bf. If yours has never been touched then you need to read some books about it and teach your man four play.lol. once yours has been touched it relives some type of stress i think. i more relaxed. lol hope this helps.


Yes, it does exist. Only twice in my life have I experienced this, and let me tell you, it is nothing like a clitoral orgasm. This is so much more intense.

mr celebrity man

Yeah it does really exist! Whenever I hit it my gf goes wild.


I think female news reporters that must report this story are being sexually harassed and should take legal action against their employers!


no i don't think it does exists. i have never experienced the sensation that everyone talks about when your g-spot is found during sex


I can't believe I am answering this question as I am a very shy, demur woman, but YESSSSSS, it does exist!!!! (Blushing) :)

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