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Big Wheels and other childhood toys

Hundreds of adults in San Francisco spent Easter screaming down the city's famous winding streets on Big Wheels. 

Yes, Big Wheels and tricycles and other vehicles that you usually see kids riding.  What childhood toy would you (or do you) still play with now that you’re an adult and why?   Click on comment to let us know, and you may see your response on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.


 tires las vegas

I love to play with my old drawing kit. I still use the markers and pastels


I have a set of jacks, remember that? It was a big thing with all the kids in the neighborhood, even the guys and I just love to play with it.

Monish Kumar

Legos pls! Legos are the best. You could build an entire city out of them. You could create your own army. So cool! Wish I get those Legos!

Gloria Duff

My favorite toy of all time was the bolo bat. It was a ball attached to elastic string attached to a wooden paddle. The goal was to keep the motion going as the ball hit the paddle.

Simone Seth

My Magic 8 Ball. Helps me make all major and minor decisions, kind of like our esteemed president!

Teresa  - UWS, NY

I'd love to have my old HULA HOOP (more than that, I'd love to be able to get it over my hips now!!!) LOL!


LEGO’s!!! I’m really excited for fatherhood for all the obvious reasons as well as the not so obvious like going to Toys R Us and buying a few sets of LEGO’s to play with.


I would still play with Jacks! Love the challenge.


HO scale slot cars and trains!!!


Hoppity Hops! Bouncing is so much fun no matter if you are old or young! You can never be too old to bounce!


Every now and then I take out my Thumbelina and wind her up. She just takes me back to a simpler time and always makes me smile.

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