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Privacy and dream job

How much of your personal privacy are you willing to give up to receive your dream job?  This coming off the report of some companies asking applicants to give up their Facebook password information.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



If you are honorable and ethical and honest,you have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. if you would not "Friend" the prospective employer, you need not apply!

My Life! My Business!

My life outside of the job has nothing to do with the job.
As long as it does not affect my work performance,
I would refuse to give any employer access to my Facebook.
It's none of their business. They already have all my personal information when I applied for the job.
It's not worth the hassle to duck & dodge by creating another Facebook page.
Eventually they'll catch on to it and find other ways to see if you have more than one Facebook page.
Just because you gave them access to a dummy Facebook page doesn't mean they'll stop investigating there.

AJ Borowicki

Any employer asking for that much information would be a nightmare, not a dream. We as a society need to be allowed a certain degree of separation and we as individuals Ned to be given the lattitude to determine where to draw the line without suffering negative consequences.


Compromising your privacy can get you that job, but it cannot prevent you from losing that same job.

Judy Johanson

No employer needs to know what social sites I go to on my free time. It's none of their business. What's next? Are they going to check the background of my facebook friends?


Big Brother is watching...

Kaydee Barnett

Absolutely NOT!! I can understand some reasonable Facebook screening for high security jobs and law enforcement, but even then, it should be limited to what posts are accessed to the public. People should have the right to let loose with their friends and families on Facebook. In general, people should monitor their own behavior on Facebook, but the way a person acts out of the office should not determine their qualifications for a job. I have seen many corporate executives act badly at annual corporate Christmas parties that are excellent workers in the office. This is an outrageous violation of constitutional rights to privacy.


Many jobs do a drug screen and will also run a credit report all with the applicant's permission. I would not give out my Facebook information. If the hiring company is asking for that, then it isn't my dream job. My ideals would not be in-line with theirs.


Thoough I would not have a problem with an employer viewing my fb page, it isnt fair that they would then have access to my friends, famiy, etc. This is where a privacy issues comes into play. So to avoid it, they should not have any more access to informaation than what they would get when they google your name.


We are turning into a police state. What has happened to the first amendment? Most people will do as requested because the need for employment is so dire. Employers are taking advantage of this. Aren't background checks and drug testing enough? Big Brother is watching.


At this point of being unemployed for close to 2 years I would divulge everything because I really have nothing to hide or be ashamed of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If they cant ask your age what makes them think they have a right to as you about your info on social media??? Im sorry that wouldnt be a company I would want to be associated with. They think they own you!

Su Lynn

The American people have been stripped of most of their privacy to start with! Just like paying for Phone and/or Internet service & being bombarded with robo calls & advertising. I would never give any personal privacy away.

Ben Ascone

No job is worth the "dream" if personal information is compromised. With so much information about people available now, why would you want to offer even more? Somehow I feel it may work against you later on.

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