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Kids and talking back in school

How should teachers deal with students who talk back to them?  An 11-year-old Colorado student was handcuffed and taken to a juvenile holding facility when she became 'argumentative and extremely rude' with her school's assistant principal. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could be seen on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I have a fourth grade classroom. When my students are rude, disrespectful or inappropriate,they are required to write a letter to their parents explaining EXACTLY what they said regardless of how bad the words or subject matter is. The note needs to be signed and brought back the next day. If it is not,they get a detention. This decreased the amount of negative things said in my room considerably.

phyllis maragh

teachers shouldn't have to deal with disrespectful students. it is the parents responsibility to to teach them to respect adults and coping skills that won't lead to disrespect. learning how to deal with disagreements without volatile meltdowns starts at home.


I work in a school cafeteria and a lot of kids talk back and have no respect to the adults. One time the principal said he could sit with another student, but the student he was sitting next to was a kid he couldn't sit next to. The lunch monitor said you can't sit with this kid and the kid rudely talked back to her. The principal blamed the lunch monitor's fault for having them sit next to each other. The manner of the kids come from the parents, not school. School is for education.


I work in a school not as a teacher but in food service. I will tell you students are becoming rude as young as the first grade. I am not sure why but in my 15 years on the job I have found more students showing less respect and feel they do not have to listen to adults. I think parents are not backing up teachers and staff like they should. A lot of parents think that their child is not capable of that behavior. I wish we could video tape them to show how their children really behave.

lajoy lucas

I think the teacher's should give the children after school detention so the children will understand they cannot get away with stuff today do not need to do all work in school

Jonathan C.

Children that cannot control themselves when they are in school to learn... There is ZERO tolerance for disrespectful behavior and the school was correct in their
decision for all concerned.


If a child is disrespectful to adults in school then that child should either have detention or expelled from school, depending on how severe it is.

Trevon Hughes

All schools should enforce a Zero Tolerance policy. Students who talk back to teachers should have their parents called in to come and immediately pick their child up.

miss theresa haase

hi my name is theresa haase from guttenberg new jersey i think kids should be suspended from school or go to detention that is my opinion


I personally think you cannot be too safe these days. Kids showing up with guns, knives and trying to get revenge on everyone? Where was the school security? Teach your children to respect their elders and not talk back in the first place and maybe they wont be arrested in the first place.

francis mcnamara

Why do principles or teachers have handcuffs at school? I feel neither have the right to imprison anyone.Let the professionals do it but also protect yourself,not by trying to tie some one up,they could get hurt doing that.


They should be removed from class. Disrespectful behavior should NOT be tolerated, as it leads only to other negative behaviors. Our kids are confused - they think we're all equal.


When I went to school & kids got unruly or talked back to the teacher, they were told to stand outside the classroom until they were ready and willing to continue without any back talk to the teacher. Sometimes they stood outside the classroom the entire period. Most kids did compose themselves and returned to their seats without further problems.


Well, I am a NYC public school teacher for 24 years. I have to say that if you "lay the law" at the beginning of the school year, you will not have these issues. It is also a partnership with the parents. If you also "lay the law" with them, you will never have issues like this! I have both students and parents sign a "contract" during the first week of school. The students in my classroom come up with the rules that they feel are important so that we will have to deal with any 'argumentative and extremely rude' student. If it has worked for me for 24 years......it is possible!!!!!

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