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Buying ground beef

Will you change the way you shop for ground beef?  An ABC News investigation revealed that 70 percent of ground beef at supermarkets contains ‘pink slime’, an ingredient McDonalds said a few weeks ago they would ban from putting in their hamburgers.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Nancy Eisen

I don't think I will buy ground beef at the supermarket anymore, or anywhere that doesn't spell out exactly what the ingredients are in the package! The report absolutely disgusts me!!!

Evelyn Liander

No more ground beef for me! Done, done, done!!!

Donna Sadowsky

Think I'll be purchasing a meat grinder....


Can't trust anyone anymore best way is to go the old fashion way. make your own chop meat and eat less meat also.unfortunatly we need to grow our own vegetables too.

Edson Franza

It is all about money. How deep somebody can go for a few bucks more? I bet they don't bring theirs ground beef home for theirs kids to eat.


I think this is disgusting. I am never going to buy ground beef again. Is it possible to sue the supermarket for selling meat that is not entirely ground beef. How much extra profit are the supermarkets getting by substituting this low quality "food" additive.

Diane Barbera

Another reason to become a vegetarian


Chicken, fish and now ground beef.
what is the government doing to us? Can we trust them to check anything for our benefit?

Su Lynn

I stopped buying ground beef years ago. Just buy a steak, cut it up & give it a few twirls in a food processor. Granted you don't know the exact % of fat, but at least you're eating meat!


This makes me sick to my stomach.Is this limited to ground beef only ?

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